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Dragon eggs

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I keep trying to get those dragon eggs people have on their siggys. I started a scroll but every time I go to the cave there are no eggs there. Do I have to do something else?
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What on earth are you talking about? Dragon eggs? Oh now I'm curious...
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I am curious too...I haven't seen one, either.
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Dragon eggs? Haven't seen any..
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I've seen those on here too, but had no clue what they were for!
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I don't see them.
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LOL! A month ago I made a thread on this, cause I saw one person with them. But nobody replied so the thread was taken down, guess you like them!

Go to the "cave" EXACTLY on the hour. Thats when the eggs show up.

You can only have 1 of each color I heard. Each egg color has it's own description, so go by that to know if you have that color or not.
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I meant to post this, it's a sort of "nursery" for the eggs and dragons.

Click "search again" until you see a bunch of eggs and dragons appear. There all owned by people, but you can see there are alot of varieties!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I've seen those on here too, but had no clue what they were for!
Me too!!!
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Just a reminder to those of you that have the eggs in your signatures -

Signatures still must conform to the TCS Signature rules, such as total height of your sig and file size. Some of the dragons look rather large after they have "grown" and will most likely make your signature oversized. Eggs underneath a picture signature will also make the signature oversized.
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