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Kittie "Barking"

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My 8 month old kitten Ashes does what I call a "Kitty Bark" when ever she is looking out the window and chasing bugs. Its so cute! Its kind of a yip sound and her whole body kinda gears up and then she barks! I plan to get it on video tape to show others! Does anyone else see this behavior in their kitties? Her sister doesn't do it but she also doesn't get as excited over the bugs! I'd love to hear if anyone else see this behavior. Its sooooo cute!
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Yep, Sateycat does it too when he sees bugs. He's REALLY loud when he sees a fly, but he gets after any bug he sees, usually daddy-long-legs. I can only describe this noise as sort of like if someone patted your back really fast while you said "AHHHH" Then there's some "ticks" in there too when the meows give out and his mouth is opening and closing soundlessly.

It's so entertaining, but he always leaves little bug legs behind. I suppose they tickle his mouth too much so he spits them out.
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Illusion, that is the perfect description of the Kitty bark. Ashes has the ticks and whisker flicks too. I love to watch it. The kids are always like "hey look Ashes is barking again"! lol
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I have a few hunters in the house who do this. It only happens when they are chasing what they think is prey. I like to call it thier war cry..LOL.
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Our Mishmish doesn't bark often, but when she does it's not related to hunting (that's when she "clicks"). She barks when she wants something really bad and doesn't get it or to intimidate us or Gezer from doing something she doesn't want done. This only makes it funnier really
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Sophie (our indoor huntress) does this only when she is watching birds out the window. She'll chase flys all over the house, but she doesn't make the noise at them - only at the birds outside the window. It's like she's scolding the birds for being there.
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