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Help... what breed of cats do I have?

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I've done some research and can't quite figure out what they are. I've rescued them all, and have never had anyone tell me one way or another. I've grown up with cats, but have never really gotten into the specifics, other then just loving them to pieces.
Here's a pic or two of each. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Caramel "Cara" as a kitten

And as an adult:

She is a huge cat compared to what I am used to. Big boned, solid, healthy eating cat. But her fur is very thick and fine, and is very very soft, softer then any cat I've ever petted (and thats a lot)! Oh yeah...she is all attitude and is very mouthy. We call her our little bitch....cause it seems, thats all she does. ha ha

Here is Oreo:
He's very tall, lanky and very very skinny. He's always been that way. He's kind of skitish and neurotic, but an over all very sweet boy. He's also the only cat that I've known that loves to play fetch... like a dog! He's very intimidated by our kitten chloe. Could be just his personality, and she is a bully. His fur is very long, course and he sheds all the time.

And last but not least we have Chloe

She's still young and the only pics i have of her are from when she was very very small. We rescued her when she was maybe 2-3 wks old, and weighed all of 1lb 3oz, and was nothing but skin and bones. Other then being extremely territorial and a bit of a bully, she is our best friend. An absolute doll baby. Very soft fur, grey with bits of a black stripe and tan spots.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't see anything other than Domestic Short Hair. DSH, it's pretty much what every cat is unless you get it from a breeder.

They are all quite lovely though! I'm VERY partial to bi-colored cats! (white cats with spots)
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I agree... but they are all beautiful cats! If you have a look around the forums there are some great articles about cat coloration which has little to nothing to do with breed.
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I agree with the above. They are adorable cats! I love how Oreo's tail and ears are black, cute! (I like his name too! )
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All are Domestic Short Hair.


As for coloring (which is seperate from the breed), I would say...

Caramel (Cara) - Orange with White (Bicolor) or Red Tabby with White (looks like she has tabby markings on her tail?)

Oreo - Van Pattern Black with White

Chloe - Blue Tortie (Dilute Tortie) maybe?
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Your cats are adorable!! Oreo looks just like my mom's cat...a white kitty that somebody stuck black ears and a black tail on.
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Your kitties are gorgeous!!
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