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Vibes needed for Furrari

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Tuesday I realised Furrari looked sick too. Drinking to much and peeing to much. It's hard to tell sometimes with three cats just who is doing what in the litter boxes. (He has not urinated outside the box even once.) Since the vet said they had to rehydrate Freya with sub-q fluids in order to get a urine sample I suddenly realized that all the wet spots in the litter boxes (I scoop once a day) were from just two cats. So I took Furrari to the vet.

He was so dehydrated that they put him on an IV. All that water has just been going right through him. After checking a urine sample and doing blood work they found he has a very bad bladder infection and probably a kidney infection. His BUN was 53 (normal is 10-20) and creatinine level was 2.4 (twice what it should be). Today his BUN was 46 and the creatinine was down to normal. So hopefully we're dealing with just the infection and not kidney disease. So he's staying probably until Saturday.

He was not happy to see me, no headbutts or purring. Furrari really dislikes being at the vets. He's easy to handle and medicate without a fight but he's really pouty about it. That he feels bad doesn't help. So please send healing vibes for my old man cat (he'll be sixteen this October).
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Awww, the poor guy I am sending many healing vibes for him to recover soon Sick kitties are heartbreaking.
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Prayers for your Cat. What Meds is he getting? My Cat just had a terrible Bladder Infection that finally went away. It may take months for his to go away too.
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get well
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Sending lots of vibes for Furrari!
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Thank you for all the vibes for Furrari (please don't forget Freya). Right now he's getting Baytril and fluids.
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Furrari is home . He is not a happy camper, still pouting and sulking over having to stay at the vet. He's also not happy with the vanilla I put on him, Freya and Elijah. He's talking to me but it's a grumbly kinda meow not his usual sweet chirppy meow. He has to take Baytril twice a day for the next 7 days.
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glad he's home!
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