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Top entry litter box

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Has anyone ever used one of these litter boxes:

I'm wondering if my cats would be afraid to use it.

I have a dog and there's no way he'd get in this litter box. It's not really a problem for us, but you never can tell what they'll get into.

I wonder if it would be too stinky.
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I use something similar.

I bought an 18 gallon rubbermaid tote....cut a hole in the top big enough that my largest kitty would fit through...and viola! I have my very own (much cheaper) top entry litterbox! It's not fancy, but it does keep the dogs outta kitty krunchies.
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Did you ventilate it?
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Nope.....just change the litter very regularly...clean the box out good.
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I have one and have been very pleased with it. It just looks like a grey rubbermaid box at first, so it doesn't jump out to anyone who comes by that it's a poop box. Additionally, I have a small bathroom and using this box saves me a lot of space because I used to have a tracking mat in front of his big covered litter box...but with CleverCat, the lid functions as a mat.
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If my cats would use it I would love to have one because one of my cats loves to kick sand out of the regular entry. Sand all over the place. But this would solve that problem. As far as the stink goes, when I clean the cats box, I smell nothing anyway. To me though, I would worry about how to train the cats to use the new entry. Getting out looks like it may be a problem too.
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