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Pictures of my bunch

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Ok, Here are some pics to get things started. They are not the greatest, but its a start.

Here is Gus !

Here is Robin !

Here is little Nall !

Here is Yoda !
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Those are gorgeous little kitties you have Bob!

I'm going to move this to the Lounge so everyone can see your fur-kids.
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Robin and Yoda are the best, but I love them all!
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I love that picture of Yoda!
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omg i love that picture of yoda!
they are all great pictures! I love your furrbabies!
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Very cute pictures! They are all beautiful cats and you really captured their essence Looks like your lucky cats have one of those tree/condo things. I'm going to Costco today to buy one -- my mom told me they have them for $55 bucks right now (in case anybody was looking for a good deal ...)
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Bob, your babies are beautiful... so cute!
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I love Nall's face!
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They are all adorable!! I love the pic of Yoda!

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Love every one of those pics, Bob!! Are you a professional photographer?

Bob - your bunch are somewhat similar to my bunch except all 4 of my boys have short hair - lol! Same color scheme, though.

More pictures?? Common' Common' Common' More!

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very nice pictures. i love yoda in the bowl
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there so cute! and welcome to TCS!!
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i love yoda!! he reminds me of my cat Mittens, except she is a torti mix. i will be posting a picture of my furbabies in a couple days.
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oh my gosh, they are just adorable!

this photograph is just precious

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What fantastic shots! Your Gus is practically my Squirt's twin! I'd love to hear about his personality.
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Very beautiful!
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I am crazy in love with this picture !!!!
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