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Cat food- Whiskas Fish

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All the cats I know don't like Whiskas Fish pack which includes: Trout, Sardine, and two others (which I can't remember). I know 4 cats that don't like it and they won't eat till you give them something else.
Has anybody else heard of this or got the same problem. I think there must be something wrong with it.

Please can you tell me if you hear anything.
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I think that just like people, cats have their own preferences. My two will eat the whiskas fish pouches, but not all the time --I think they are too "fishy".

I'm OK with that as I don't like to feed too much fish anyway.

Welcome to TCS !
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Pippin loves Whiska's fish selection but has been known to go days at dinner times with just a lick of the jelly and then he's not interested and would rather eat his biscuits!

I've learned to accept that he doesn't want mommy's selection, he's quite capable of making up what he wants to eat and what he doesn't!
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Thanks for these last few posts, appreciated!

Dusty won't even touch the whiskas fish and she will look up at me as if to say " Can't I have something else!" lol.

And also doesn't it smell! It stank the whole kitchen out when we gave it to her !

Speak soon


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I recently bought a variety pack of the Whiskas pouch food, and my cats don't seem to like any of the flavors. They might take a bite or two, then they're done.

Maybe that's why it was on sale?
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Our cats don't like anything with fish. Beef and chicken seem to be the only things they'll eat.
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