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Vibes needed for Freya  

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Monday I took Freya into the vet with nasty diarhea. This has happened before, off and on, but I changed her food (canned) to exclude fish. The diarhea cleared up and I thought a food allergy was the cause. So Monday when she squirted all over the floor next to the litter box that was it. (She also threw up her breakfast.) Off to the vets.

At the vets we discovered she was dehydrated and needed sub -q fluids. Also her intestines feel hard and ropey when the vet palpates them. They did a fecal test (I scooped up some to take in.) and most everything came out negative - no worms or coccidia - but she had a huge bacterial infection in both her bladder and intestines.

She's been there ever since on antibiotics and sub-q fluids and she's still having diarhea. I am leaving for the vets in a moment to check on her (and Furrari - I start another thread for him when I get back) so please start those TCS vibes coming!
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I hope she's feeling better soon! Let us know what the vet says!
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I have been so paniced over her and Furrari that I couldn't sit here and write a thread. I have been visiting them every day to remind them how much they're loved, then I go home and cry.

Freya is somewhere around fourteen years old. She wandered into my front garden and just moved in. She picked me.

I just returned from the vet. Freya looks much better and even though she had diarrhea this morning it was in the litter box instead of all over the back of her cage. (She climbed on my chest and gave me lots of headbutts and purred up a storm. I gave her lots of scritches and cuddles back.) She has to stay at least one more day, maybe until Saturday, depending on how she responds to the antibiotics and steriods. She's rehydrated and eating really well (Science Diet ID for now).

The thickening of her intestines could be from a chronic inflamation caused by the bacteria or worse case, it could be from lymphoma. The vet said her blood work looks clear for the lymphoma but if she continues to have diarrhea then we will need to do a biopsy.

So that's where things stand today. I will go back tomorrow to visit and see if she can come home.
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I so glad she is doing better!
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Freya's home. She's doing better. Her stools have some form now which shows her intestines are returning to normal! She has to be on Clavamox twice a day for the next 7 days. She's already climbed on me to get scritches and loving.
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Oh yea! That's great!
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that's great!
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Yesterday, I had to let Freya cross the Bridge. It was lymphoma after all. I have posted a thread to her in the Bridge section.
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So sorry about your Cat.
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I have closed this thread out of respect for Freya. Please visit Freya's bridge thread here.
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