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At age 16, Bus girl at an Italian restaurant (cleaning off tables) for 60 cents an hour.
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I worked in a bank.
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First job: door-to-door surveys in the heat of summer, right after high school. Lasted three weeks, all but passed out on a man's doorstep in a bad part of town, quit.

Second job: playing piano and organ in a music store at the mall to attract shoppers. Lasted five days, couldn't bring myself to play "My Way" for the hundredth time, quit. (I still hate that song!)
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Afterschool, I was a baby sitter every weekday for 3 years and

I was also paid for doing the family dishes.
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I grew up on a dairy farm so as soon as I was big enough I helped with chores. Yup that's right not old enough, but big enough. I started helping when I was VERY young, like 4 or 5. I fed the calves and little stuff like that. I also got to show some of the cows/heifers that we had-- I even had my picture taken by the newspaper when I was about 4 holding 1 of my mom's friend's calves. My first job off of our farm was another dairy farm .
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The one i'm in now, a receptionist
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Besides babysitting, my first job was a waitress at Ponderosa. I don't remember particularly enjoying it, but I did enjoy having my own money!
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My first job was at a dog kennel, best one I ever had!!!! loved the cattery as well....
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I delivered flyers on my bike. I think I made something like 0.87 cents per flyer. Oh yeah, I was rolling in the pennies.
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My first real job was the United States Navy. I was a radioman; I sent and received messages in Morse code.
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i've never worked. am a trainee nail technician, & a full time mummy to my kitty's
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cleaning offices on the weekend, with a guy from church.
i was 15.

hmm, unless you count the classical cutting grass and snow thing when i was 12
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Convenient store!!
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Hmm, babysitting all the time when ever I was in high school and also my mom has her own cleaning business she does by herself so I would usually go and work for/with her!

Then of course there is Charley's were I still currently work I do have fun there though so thats a plus
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