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my sweet Blue brothers..

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Tsar Yuri and Tsar Ivan..

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Oh My gosh!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I want a Russian Blue so bad!!!! Every picture of one I have ever seen (especially Kass's Nakita) is just beautiful!!!! Your brothers look so sweet and so affectionate I am envious!
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Your boys are stunning! I love their eyes! I would love to be owned by a Russian Blue, you are so lucky!
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They are beautiful!
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aww what beautiful pictures! I want a russian blue too! peedoodle looks like a long haired russian blue - does that count? LOL
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Your little boys are beautiful! What gorgeous eyes they both have! :tounge2:
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They are so beautiful, and obviously have a very close relationship. Just warms the heart to see kitties like that!
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Ahhh....Russian Blue's! Can't get enough of them!

Hey, they could be Nakita's long lost brothers!!

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i love the way cats curl their front paws up like Nakitas! Thats so cute!
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Oh those green eyes! Have you seen the movie "Cats and Dogs" its a family movie where the cats and dogs talk. They have this scene with a darling little russian blue kitten, Who speaks with this huge mans voice with a russian accent. Very funny
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binkyhoo, I own that movie! It is TOO funny. Hopefully they bring out a sequel where the cats are the good guys, that would be better!

Lucia, how do you tell them apart?
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I was rooting for the cats too....those nasty dogs!
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i have never seen cats and dogs - thanks for reminding me!
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they are very handsome! the looks on their faces are so regal!
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Wonderful pictures!
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I'm glad that you like my boys. They are not that hard to tell apart in person, since they have somewhat different body shapes and personalities. But then again, as their mommy, I have to be able to tell them apart!
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Lucia, Yuri & Ivan are gorgeous simply... wow
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OMG , these pics are sooooo sweet!! Russian blues are really beautiful cats !!
This is my favorite one :
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Wow just look at those eyes - they are just hypnotic!!!
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