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how much is that kitty in the window?

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yep.. a kitty in the window. My little girl really likes to look out the window and watch people go by.. as well as look for other cats, birds etc. She loves to have her dinner there so I have her food dish on the window sill. Dinner theater don't ya know?
this is Sabrina my little princess

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Theres nothing like a good bit of people watching i say
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Ohhhhhh....she is so beautiful! She reminds me of a childhood cat i had who`s name was Inky.
Pity the cat who has no window to watch the world go by!
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Beautiful girl!
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Sabrina says that she wants a window seat, either that or Breakfast at Tiffany's.
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She is beautiful.
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Wow!!! She is SOOOOO black!!!! She is just gorgeous! I bet you are one proud mommy!!!
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I love seeing kitties in windows.

When we lived in a very small town, we had a HUGE orange kitty that sat in my kitchen window all the time. This town was so small that the kitty in the window became a tourist attraction, and a landmark. Someone was giving me directions once and asked me if I knew where the big orange kitty in the window lived. I wondered why people would slow down when they drove by. These people had a parade for everything, and we were on the parade route. The kids on the floats would wave at him, and he would stand on his back feet and it looked like he was waving back. He would get so excited.
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Very purrrty kitty!!
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thank you all..and yes I am a proud mommy...
for both of my kitties!
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What a sweetheart!
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