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Daily Thread Thurs Jan 24!

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Mornin folks!! ITS ALMOST FRIDAY! (thank god) This week is just flying by actually.

Today I am off to work..and then coming home afterwards to do some much needed dishes I used the last little plate this morning. Its so hard to keep up with dishes when its only me here and noone else cares

I went to pilates again last night...and the girl told me I have great form and strong I am going to keep going. I think I am improving..but who really knows

Anyway, have a great day all!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I used the last little plate this morning. Its so hard to keep up with dishes when its only me here and noone else cares
How often do you wash up missy?!

Morning!. It's windy here today, which means i'll be walking to get my bus holding my skirt down

Housework night tonight though
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Susan, maybe you should wear pants today?

And I wash up.....when I need clean dishes
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Susan, maybe you should wear pants today?
Don't worry, i came prepared!

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
And I wash up.....when I need clean dishes
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Nat that's what I did back in college. LoL

Morning peeps. I don't know why but I woke up at 8:20am this morning without an alarm.
I am sure I will be taking a nap later.

Spunky finally ate a bit today. Mom's feeling better. So far so good.
I received a 2nd notice for Jury Duty yesterday but only part of it. Apparently they have my old address still. The date I have to appear is the day of Mom's surgery. I will have to write a hardship that I can't attend for the next 3 months since Mom will be limited at home. (happy me). I have never had a pleasant experience so I hate going. I spent a whole 2 mins on the phone with them which is another shocker.

I hope you have a great day. We might get some snow flurries today.
Stay warm.
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Today is laundry day. Laundry is my dishes. I only do it when we run out of clothes or have to change sheets/towels. I solve this problem by buying more of everything.
Raining again today, so no aquafit. I will probably work out at home on that bike we bought for hubby so he could exercise that he used once.
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Good morning. Ha. Good my FOOT!

Jess's car won't start, and nobody is here to give me a jump, so I can't go to work. She has my car, because if she misses a day of class, she has to pay $80 make it up.

So I get to take time from work while I wait for someone to call me back about a jump start.

... and I was looking forward to today.

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Morning all!
It's freezing here!
Had the water man call at 7:45 this morning, oh well at least I don't have to wait for him all day, the thing I don't understand is, why did we have to be here? He worked outside not inside.
Had to put off the cats feedings and everything. Oh but they just summoned me to fix that problem. Now they are all either laying in front of the fire, or playing in the dinningroom.
Hubby has to work today so it's do not to much day. I can sit around in pj's until 3 if I want, and I should do some laundry, but I choose not to!
Hope everyone is staying as warm as possible, and having a great week!
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Morning All!

I'm off to a bit of a slow start this morning for some reason. Slept not to badly but woke up still feeling on the tired side.

Oh well I sure I will perk up in a bit.

The sun is shining here this morning however it is -27 outside.

Work as usual, then this evening I am going to spend the evening programming numbers into my new phone...It can hold up to 50 #'s..I just love gadgets.

Kitties are sitting in the window watching black squirrels at the bird feeder. There are 3 big fat ones out there right now.

Everyone have a good one
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Hope everyone's day is going well. I kind of had a rough night being on this new medication for RA. It gave me a headache and I feel spaced out. Hopefully it won't last long.
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i didn't do much at all. i decided to watch a movie, i enjoyed it very much! i havn't seen it for ages, & managed to get it cheap online

the film was Watership Down, my partner thinks am childish LOL!
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What a wacky day. First we had a guy staining the wood around the new front window. He was here for 8 hours. Not sure why it took him so long but he was older and very nice. He has to come back tomorrow.

Spunky got a clean bill of health from the vet. His blood/stool results came back ok. His blood sugar was kinda high but he was super stressed so the vet isn't worried.

Mom got her EKG back and everything is fine.
I on the other hand have high cholesterol. I now have to take Lovastatin. I did however get Chantix today. I start tomorrow.

Then just as I was falling asleep watching TV there was this BRIGHT light in the backyard. I grabbed the phone and peaked outside to see a helicopter going over our house. I got up with the intentions of asking Mom if she saw it too since her bedroom is in the back of the house. When I got to the living room (I was in the basement) I saw all these flashing lights.

Some guy was arrested! His wife was inside behind closed doors. We had 9 cop cars and the helicopter shining down. A narcotics cop that lives on the street, the neighbor of the arrestee and the wife followed the guy. We have no clue why he was arrested. Pretty scary huh!
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