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OMG!!I just about went to my knees!!!!

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I almost hit the floor a few minutes ago! I got up and walked into the kitchen, my back door|s| are french doors, and are mostly all glass, I always look out them on the deck, usually to see which kitty is looking back at me,
when I looked, I stopped for a split second and yelled GiGi!!!! OMG!! I could never be that luckily!!! I swear, it was her, but I opened the door and he, turned to walk away, that was when I saw he was a he, and was still intact!
I don't know if any of you remember when my girl, went missing, I had recieved a call from an old friend who lives about a mile from me, she said she thought it looked like the cat on the signs, and to go to her house and check it out, and I did and I walked and called and finally this gray cat came walking up out of nowhere, they are identical, except for the huge head this male has, and the other thing! I swear that is G's Daddy! they even have the same rings around the tops of their legs and a couple around their tail! I got him some food, and some hay, and maybe he'll stay, he is so pretty, darn!!!!
I was so hoping.........for GiGi!!!! he is so sweet, I would love to bring him inside for it is in the 20's tonight, but I don't want him spraying my house, and Spook would probably climb the walls! so I made him a nice bed of hay against the house, by the runner rug that is hanging over the railing of the deck to block the wind, I hope he stays, probably won't I'm sure he has plans!! Awww, I miss you GiGi so much!!!!
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Oh its so nice of you to make him a bed!! Im sorry it wasn't GiGi though! Wouldn't that have been wonderful??? You're such a great person to help him out though!! Im sure he greatly appreciates it, and weather he is there in the morning, I bet he stays the night!
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Awww, I'm sorry it wasn't GiGi but bless you for taking care of another kitty.
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Aw, maybe it's fate that he looks like your Gigi, even with the obvious... erm, attachment.
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Oh shoot, I was so hoping it would be your girl! Hopefully your new friend will bring you happiness one way or another!
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I'm sorry it wasn't GiGi. I hope you find her.
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Maybe it was meant to be. Is he still around?
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I'm sorry that it wasn't GiGi. Maybe this new boy will help to heal your heart!
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Wow, that pretty amazing. Did he stay the night?
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Maybe it was meant to be. Is he still around?
Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Wow, that pretty amazing. Did he stay the night?
he is sooo sweet, and soo big! he actually stayed 2 nights, got plenty of hugs, rubs,love, and food, but we all know....being an intact male, he is out
and about on his mission! My spook can't stand it, spook is inside and this cat
looking him eye to eye from the outside! I have never heard such the noises coming from Spook, low to high pitches! Today I will go to the lady's house where I think he belongs, and see if he is hers. If not I will bring him to the vet and get him fixed! out getting everyone pregnant...people make me so
mad, the ignorance!!
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Sounds like you're on your way to taking in GiGi's dad!
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Awwww, now if only Gigi would come back
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Oh I know!!!!!I think I might would give my left arm to have her back!!!
I miss her so much!!!! But Big Daddy, he has moved on, I haven't seen him since day before yesterday but if he comes back by, hopefully I can do
something for him!!! Him so tweeet!!!!!
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