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Need food help for allergies and diarrhea

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Oh boy do I have a challenging cat! She is 12 years old and has suspected food allergies and has now starting getting very bad bouts of diarrhea which come and go.

She is eating California Natural chicken and rice dry and that's it. I have tried various foods in the past couple of years, the one she did best on was Natural Balance Venison and green pea dry which has not returned after the recalls. I have just started sprinkling a probiotic on her food so I am really hoping it helps

She has been tested for many allergies but nothing specific has been found, the vet narrowed it to food but it's trial and error to find something she can eat

It's come to the point where we can't have guests over because we don't know what surprises we'll find. I am getting to the end of my patience with having messes all over the place to clean up, I don't know what else to try.

Is there any other food that might be better to try? Is there anything else I could be doing?
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have you tried the pea and duck???

does she get any treats??

Natures variety makes some chn free but not grain free... the lamb would be similiar to venison
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I have tried the duck and pea and it wasn't a good choice either. I thought duck was very high fat, I can't understand why it is a good choice for a cat with tummy issues.

I have another vet appointment tomorrow and I am also going to try Eagle Pack holistic.
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Did the diarrhea start recently while on the same diet? Was she on it for a period of time before it started? They did recently change their formula. I switched two of mine over to it several weeks ago. My girl has food allergies where she gets hives and sores. She's never had a problem with chicken but since being on this food has really soft smelly stools. I tried probiotic powder but it didn't help. My boy is doing just fine on it though. I'm trying the Eagle Pack Hollistic now as well for my girl.
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Duck is rich but if you read the profile % of the food it is MOSTLY pea ....

Ideally for food allergies you want one meat and one starch.... easier said than done since grain frees have more than one meat ... and most foods have more than one grain...

Have you seen PINNACLE in your area?? it is chn and potato
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California Natural also has Herring & Sweet Potato formula intended for allergies.
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I had problems with loose stools with one of my cats, and have had good results with NB venison and pea wet and occasional meals of NB duck and pea dry. However, the true breakthrough came when I started feeding 95% venison by EVO. (It is wet and $$ pricey but the firm and non-smelly poops made this food worth EVERY PENNY.) I have also been adding PetEnzymes Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to both wet and dry food with good results. I hope that you find something that works for you - good luck
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Thank you everyone for your replies!

Yes I think the problem started recently with a new bag of the CN, I heard about the change and wondered if it's the cause. She is eating the Eagle Pack now and seems to be getting a bit better, only one mess today so far.

I have tried Evo before but then ran into problems with my boy, i try and feed them the same thing, he's not fussy but seems to have the opposite tummy troubles from her.

My biggest problem is that we are leaving Monday for a week and have a sitter coming in. I am horrified at the thought of some poor person having to clean up after a sick kitty. Hopefully the vet will have some answers.
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