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My neighbor passed away...

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I've mentioned her before, here ... i think. her name was Jean, she was 90, had cancer, and was a real spitfire of an old lady. Right around Halloween, she made the decision to move in with her son and daughter in law across town. She'd fallen and was having more difficulty. She had this sweet cat named Missy.

She passed away yesterday evening. The memorial service will be next week.

She was tough, raised her boys mostly on her own after leaving an abusive husband, then found a wonderful man. I can't remember if she married him or not, but she eventually outlived him. She moved in here, right above me, about a week before i moved in. The maintenance guy introduced us as I was moving my stuff in from my van on my first day. She was on her deck. We became friends and remained that way until she passed away.

Her passing is no surprise to me, but it's still tough. She was the closest thing to a grandma I've had in over a decade.

She'll be missed. I just hope Missy will be okay...

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Aww, bless her. RIP Jean
I know you miss her. I'm glad you had each other for friends. I'm sure she was just as glad to meet you and just as fond of you as you were her. It sounds like such a special relationship and that will make great memories.
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Aww that's sad I hope i live to a great age like your neighbour did

Poor Missy losing her mum as well

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Oh, I`m so sorry. It`s hard to lose your grandma....whether your born to her or have adopted her.
I love those sweet older ladies too....and have had to lose quite a few friends I`ve made when they were in their later years......come to think of it...I`m getting old enough to be one of those "adopted grandmothers" myself....I`ll be 58 in Feb!
Wanna adopt me?
Just kidding!
I hope her kitty finds a new mom to adopt who will love and care for her.
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Sorry to lose one who was like a grandma to you. I always admire the ladies who can share their wisdom and love.
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Rest in peace Jean Many many prayers for her and for Missy
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Awww, thats too bad Nice that you were able to know her though May she rest peacefully
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am sorry to hear
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Aww. Sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I hope Missy will be ok. (what will happen to her now)

May Jean RIP.
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May Jean Rest in Peace Hope her cat Missy & her family is doing okay
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