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Saturday's DT

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It isn't actually Saturday here yet. I am going shopping in Des Moines today (well it's close enough to call it today ) with a friend. We are going shopping for baby stuff since her baby is only a month and a half younger than Amber.

Took Amber in for her 6 month shots yesterday...she weighs 14 lbs now!!!!!

Had my friends mother's funeral was very hard. But she is in a much better place now.
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Debby, how far are you from Des Moines? If all works out, I will be traveling through Des Moines and staying the night there (twice - on the way to and back) going out to Ohio in early August.

It's not Saturday here, either, but I really have to clean house after a team meeting tomorrow with the shooting team I'm on, so I figured I might as well post here while I can.

OK, so I'll probably post here tomorrow too!

Vikki, sounds like Gui was really letting you have it for neglecting him just to go shopping. That'll show you!

Debby I can't believe Amber is that big!! So where are those pics you keep promising us of her??????? Funerals are always so hard, no matter who they are for. You're right, though, she is in a better place, free of pain and worry. (((HUGS)))
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Nothing on the agenda, today. Bill's cooking breakfast, right now and we have to go to WalMart, for cat litter.

I'm, also, looking for a large washtub, for bathing the dogs. So far, the biggest that I've found, is 17 gallons. That's not big enough for Ike. The weather is back into the 70s, Pearl's spay incision is healed and those dogs are filthy! With three days of rain, this week, they've been rolling in the mud.

Have a good weekend.
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i slept in til 10am this morning! I dont normally sleep in - im usually an early riser.
I have absolutely no plans today, one of those lazy days -its raining cats and dogs here and i have no desire to go outside.
The cats are playing non stop, and im watching the man across the street. I feel sorry for him. hes with this woman who seems to control everything he does - she stays inside and he goes to the car and hes carrying 3 laundry baskets, 4 school bags inside! no one is helping him! a classic case of the downtrodden henpecked hubby! I have seen her yelling at him all the time, i guess she wears the pants in the household. poor guy.
Hubby is bigger than me, im not going to tell him what to do and besides, i prefer doing things for myself.
Have a great day all.
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It is raining and nasty here. Our basement is flooding sooooo bad and we have little kitty footprints all over the house from them playing in the water. grrrrrr....

Hubby cooked french toast this morning. He has the best has dark rum, vanilla, and cinnamon in the batter!

My parents are coming to visit this week, so we will spend today and tomorrow doing heavy housework! Yuck!

But...tonight we will go up to Paducah (the closest city) to see Adaptation and to go out to a good restaurant.

Oh...I also have to go to campus today. We have a bunch of high school honors students visiting and I have to be there to try to recrute them for admissions in the Fall.
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Cindy - did you know that you can buy 44lb bags of cat litter from Sam's Club for $4.88? I was buying litter from walmart and then one day went to sams and discovered the litter - its tidy cats for multiple cats - saves a lot of $$ and theres more.
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hullo! i slept in today, too (9:00). i love it! i would have slept longer, but my husband's ex called and said she was on her way over, so i figured i'd better get my lazy self out of bed.

while the kids were gone for a couple of hours we ran and got valences for the hall windows to match the fabric roller blinds we got last week (I LOVE LOWES AND TARGET!!!) so other than about 3 foot of baseboards, two doors and a few touch ups -- the hallway is done! it just feels so good to be finally completing stuff. i feel like celebrating (it's the small things in life, ya know?)

duane has to work a church event tonight because i couldn't get any of our regular tech guys to cover it, so i will be hanging out around the house. probably will check in here if anyone's going to be around. i may be bad and go get a bottle of wine and have a glass or so. we were reviewing rules at work a couple weeks ago and the rules are a little grey on drinking, so i figure as long as i am not wasted in public, i am okay.

sorry for such a long post. i am in a chatterbox mood today!
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Oooh! Renea - I want some rum & cinammon french toast! That sounds so good!

Debby - new pictures of Amber! Pleeease! They're so cute at that age!

I spent the day working - hubby took Ron and they drove with hubby's family up north to visit family. They stopped by the Jordan River and they say it's gushing now with all the rain we've had recently.

Have a great day everyone!
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Thanks, for the tip, Kellye. We don't have a Sam's Club membership and the one here is waaayyy across town. Bill can get a membership, through his job or I could go with my parents. We'll have to talk about it, again.
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Renae, now you have me craving french toast with rum, vanilla and cinammon. That sounds SO good!

Jan, I was raised Lutheran so it never occurred to me that drinking was against religion. Lutherans being German believe beer is it's own food group. I was married in a Lutheran church, and not only were we allowed to do a real champagne toast at the reception, the pastor said it was fine for us to bring booze in before the wedding to calm our nerves! He said as long as we weren't staggering to the alter, it was fine.
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Now we are being hit by a major snowstorm!! It started off this morning with drizzle, which turned into freezing rain, and now it's major heavy snow!

It's suppose to continue off and on till Monday, with up to 30 cm accumulation!!! Plus, the power has been going off and on for the last couple of hours!!

Waahhhhhaaaa!! And Friday was so spring like!

I went to get my hair cut and coloured this morning. Now everyone can call me 'streak', since I had the hairdresser put a 'streak' of blonde just in the front of my hair. I'm always changing it, who knows what colour it will be when I get it coloured for the summer. I'm so fickle!

Sam's Club is finally opening it's first location this fall in Ontario. Are there good prices, and do you continue to go back for your shopping on a regular basis?? I have no idea what Sam's Club is about, advertising just started appearing recently on the new store location.
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Hi everyone! day started out pretty funny. Hubby decided he was finally going to take a look at the bath/chower taps and see if he could fix them. You'd turn on the bath and the shower would run. It was driving me bananas. Anyways.....he takes the taps off and then he says: let me check the hook-up so, he trys to pull the vinyl paneling off just a bit. It broke. HE looks at me and says: well, if I take this sheet off, I don't think I can find one to replace it that will look the same. I say I don't care as long as the tap works, I don't mind the bathroom not looking perfect. We had planned to re-do it completely this spring. So, he takes off that sheet, then down comes the plywood. :LOL:

Bottom line: we just got back from shopping. I have a new tub, a new surround tub, new faucets for both the bath and sink.

Today is a happy day for me! We are finally getting rid of the awful looking green tub that has been haunting me since the day we moved in. What were the previous owners thinking (my apologies to those that like green tubs....I just don't)

What hubby thought would be a quick "let me check this out job" will probably take alot longer than he expected! And I am definately not complaining!

Lasagna is in the oven for supper and I think I'll try to help hubby as much as I can with the unexpected renovations!

Have a great evening everyone!

And to all those who slept in......oh how I long for the day when I will be allowed to roll out of bed past 8:00am. You lucky guys!

Rum and cinnamon french toast? That sounds simply devine! Yum.....

Kellye, men like that,....don't feel too sorry for him. Geesh, when will men/women stand up for themselves? I would never dream of treating hubby any differently than I want to be treated and vice versa. I guess that's a tough situation. Some people don't know how to stand up for themselves.

Cindy......I have a large green tub here that I will gladly ship out to you....if you'd like!

Debby, 14 pounds sounds so tiny to me. But then guys were 9lbs10oz and 10lbs7oz at birth. I can't wait to see more pictures of Amber...and you too of course (hint...hint...)

Bye for now!
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Sam's Club is great, but expect to spend some money when you go there. Most of the time we drop at least $100 every time we go (which isn't much lately!) Most of the stuff is in bulk quantity so it is a great price, but there's a lot of it (for instance we got a bottle of a multi-vitamins 700 count for $13.00 when a bottle of the same thing at Wal Mart is $5.50 for 100 count. The same type of prices apply to most of their food items too). They also have great prices on books, printer ink, seasonal items, and grocery items too. If they are just opening up there, you should be able to go in for a while and just check it out. I would definitely recommend at least checking it out, Kass. Here it's $35 for a year membership. We usually save at least that much in one big trip there. We've had a membership for 7 years now, and it isn't even a decision if we will renew each year.
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I agree with Heidi. Its great for buying stuff in bulk, dvd movies are cheap there, we have bought a few.
I bought 2 James Patterson books there - 1st to Die and 2nd Chance and the movie is on telly tomorrow night. better try and finish the book before the movie starts so I dont have to worry about the movie spoiling it for me.
Im marinading some steaks for dinner - marinading them in lime juice, with olive oil, oregano and garlic (im nuts about garlic) and will broil them - I cant wait!
G - sounds like fun renovating the bathroom!
14 lbs at 6 months? When Gabe was born he was 9lb 5oz, by c-section about a week or so early - he was too big for me to deliver. When he was 6 months old, he weighed 25lbs. He is still a big boy at the age of 2, wearing size 4-5 clothes now, growing very rapidly.
Have a great day!
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If I could ask another question regarding Sam's Club, is it better or worse than Costco? Or do you even have a Costco in your area? Since Costco seems to be the dominant bulk place around here.

Thanks for your input!
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No thanks, G. I don't like green. At the last home show, a guy had a tub refinishing display and he said that he could do my tub in purple. Since we're painting the bathroom lavender, with purple accents, I'm going to get it done.
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i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

the painting is done and the house is clean! yay!

i decided to forget the wine for tonight. Heidi - I am a Wesleyan Methodist which is pretty religiously legalistic. they have pretty strict rules for working there which i am not sure is totally legal, but it's not an issue i care to push because its a good steady job.

i also rented my big fat greek wedding - yay! but i will wait til duane comes home.

i like sam's club. i haven't renewed my membership lately, but i used to like to go there every couple months to stock up. i liked the books, too. and the bakery had the most fabulous blueberry muffins.
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Originally posted by katl8e
No thanks, G. I don't like green. At the last home show, a guy had a tub refinishing display and he said that he could do my tub in purple. Since we're painting the bathroom lavender, with purple accents, I'm going to get it done.
Yikes Cindy! I would never expect you to use it for your bathroom I meant as a washtub for your dogs!
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Kass, Sam's and Costco are very similar IMO. It's pretty much a matter of personal preference or if one carries a particular product or two that you prefer. They carry similar products at similar prices with similar membership dues.
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Thanks, G. I forgot about shopping for a doggie tub. I guess they wouldn't care about the color.
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