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3 week lost her eye!..HElp Again!!!

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WEll after my dramas with my mother cat moving her babies and then a rather frightning weekend thinking mother had Mastitis ,then thinking mother cat has finally come to her senses she has MOVED the babies again!...This timeunder a Tallboy which even she has trouble getting under it.But she proudly walked past me with kitten in mouth and promply took 2 of then past me to put them under the Tallboy..I helped her with the other 3...(mind you in MY bedroom AGAIN..she has had them in my daughters bedroom which is much more quiet)..ANyhow one of my babies has lost her eye.........It seems that was the way she was born........Will she be able to live a normal life?.......We are going to keep *mouse* thats we have called her......Now i have 5 3week babies walking everywhere..........They have found that they can move all over my bedroom with ease...........Now this is causing me great concern as they are not as confined as they were...............and im frightened i will accidently step on one as they blend with the carpet.As im writing this Sugar (mama cat) is climbing all over me for some lovings.........Its like she wants me to look after them..........She seems to be ignoring them!....Im thinking of getting her a box and making it kitten proof........If that possible?........It looks like another long weekend for me with worry ........Can any one tell me WHy she is doing this???????????
PSS..now i have 5 kittens wondering around my bedroom crying.............
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I posted a reply this afternoon but I guess it never took.

Mama is moving her babies because she is probably trying to find a quiet, private place for them. Do you have a spare room that she can be in with her babies? As the babies get older, they will definitely get more active so you might want to get a baby gate if the room does not have a door.

In reference to the kitty with only one eye, when an animal is born handicapped, for instance with only 3 legs instead of 4 or only one eye, they know no difference. They've never had them so they don't miss them. Your cat will probably be as normal as any other cat with all it's parts. I have a cat, MooShoo, a Sphynx who, because of a herpes virus in his eyes, is blind in his right eye. That does not stop him at all! He does everything else that my other 6 cats do and then some. His sense of smell is much stronger which helps him. At times he does see "things" that aren't there, but he's as normal as my other cats. So I wouldn't worry. Keep us posted on all of them and good luck. They are lucky to have you.
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Donna is right about everything. Keeping them in one area is so much better and easier. With mom coming to see you all the time. You can think of it like how we get with babies. Mom needs a break and needs to get away from the wee ones. She just wants some attention of her own. They are going to get more and more active from here on out. It is so much fun to watch them!!
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Thanks for the help..But Where the kittens where (in my daughters bedrooom)was Extremly Quiet......My step daughter is only here every 3 months or so(she is due here for summer) so where she had the kittens was the most private spot.She is moving them to my bedroom where it is far far more noiser and thats what i cant work out....Every one is telling me to put her in a quiet spot but she doesnt seem to want the peace and quiet of my daughters bedroom she seems to want to be where everyone else is..ie.Our dogs(which she loves)and us ,as we have the puter in here and tend to spend alot of time in here........SO to me it seems she wants to be close to us?... AM i wrong?...........
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You know I had a cat when I was 12 or so that was pregnant (we didn't know about spaying at the time). We made her a nice quiet kittening closet. When the time came, in the middle of the night, I woke up to the sound of water - she broke her water right on top of me (on my blanket). It was probably not the most comfortable place to give bith - on top of a living person , but I really think she just wanted to be as close to me as possible. Needless to say I was very touched.

So, yes, I think that your cat may feel most secure in your rooom, with you and your scent around her. I would be a bit worried about the dogs being there though - can you maybe keep them out of the room until the kittens are bigger?

As for the semi-blind kitten - like Donna and Sandie said, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Many cats that are totally blind live a happy life as long as they are indoors only. I knew a one-eyed kitten who used to be thrilled by tv. I think that because he had no 3-dimensional vision, he couldn't tell the birds and critters on the screen from the ones that were outside his window It was very funny seeing him trying to catch them off the screen
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