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I'm needing some beauty advice!

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I just posted a picture in Daniela's thread about Nationalities. My hair looks nothing like that now...sorry but I don't have an updated pic! I actually have naturally curly hair and I am having a hard time finding good products. Does anyone else have curly hair? What products do you use?
I'm am going to Lincoln (the closest city nearby) on Monday and plan on going to Sally's Beauty Store. I've bought things their before, but I'm really curious about their conditioners. They've got gallon jugs of shampoo and conditioner & since I go through a bottle of conditioner every 10 days...I thought this would be a good way to go. I think it's $18 for a jug. Anyone tried this before?
Here a link to their website in case if you are interested.
Thanks in advance!
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Aaahhh, I had run across a hair-care site for curlies, but forgot what it was, since I have stick-straight hair. But hop on the search engine and look, there's at least one, and it was pretty extensive.
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I have a spiral perm (except in the bangs) and I use alot of Paul Mitchell products....they have a great leave in conditioner called..."The Cream" I really like it.
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I also really love "Back To Basics" Wildberry and Raspberry Almond shampoos and conditioners...but I have to hide them because they aren't exactly cheap, and my husband, who could care less what shampoo he uses, as long as it smells good, kept using them. Is that selfish of me or what??? But...if he wants to shell out the money for them I will gladly let him use them!
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Sally Beauty Supply has generic knock offs, of Paul Mitchell products. I have very thick hair and Bill's is long so we use their detangler. It works very well and is about $3.99 a bottle. Check to see if they have anything, for curly hair.
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I used to use Paul Mitchell products, but now I use Nexxus. It's pretty expensive, but I do buy those huge bottles, so I am not buying all the time. The shampoo is Botanoil and the conditioner is Ensure. Both were recommended by my stylist. I don't have curly hair.....mine's the exact opposite, but it is VERY thick. As a matter of fact, my stylist tells me that my hair has all the same qualities of curly hair, except that it's bone straight.
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Well I've had about 3 perms in my life, but I was much younger, and didn't care about my hair all that much so I looked like a frizzball most of the time.

I have naturally straight hair, and that's how it is now.
I love Sally's. Hopefully you have a good one in your area, and you will be able to ask a store employee what they think would be best for your hair, the ones I have met really do look after your hair as their best interest, and they don't want to sell you something which might harm your hair, or isn't right for your hair type.

They are always having discussions with customers who think a certain product is best, they are suppose to know what every product is for and who it's for in their store.
I remember I would walk into that store all the time, with my long red hair (which at the time I hate). Go for a bottle of bleach and the cream activator, and the employee's would rush over, and they're like "ohh hunny are you sure you want to do that!" I would buy the level 40 bleach, because red hair is the HARDEST to get rid of, but they insisted that I buy level 20. I told them I had done it before and that my hair didn't fall out, and they left me alone.
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I have naturally curly and frizzy hair. I use Suave shampoo and conditioner and am careful not to completely rinse out the conditioner. I then use Loreal Studio Lasting Curls gel on my damp hair. This gets rid of the frizzies but is not stiff or slimy looking. I really like this stuff and pray they never stop making it.

I find the wost thing about naturally curly hair is that there are very few hairdressers who know how to cut curls. I always dread going because about 50% of the time they butcher my hair!
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Loreal does animal testing.
Don't know if you care or not, just figured I would tell you incase you didn't know.
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No, I didn't know. Thanks for the info!
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I buy Fantastic Sam's products for my hair .... I can buy a big bottle for $10.00 and it'll last a while. Do you have Fantastic Sam's haircut place around you? I buy the balancing formula and then I have 2 types of conditioners: a hydrating one and a light conditioner, plus I also bought a spray-in conditioner. I have long hair, but it's fine & thick, so it tangles easily. It's cheap & smells like coconuts!
Lanza makes a good line, too. I was told that with Paul Mitchell, your hair has to be "perfect" to use it, whatever that means.
I like the Back to Basics, too...
I dont buy the stuff @ the grocery stores anymore.
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I have the such straight obnoxious hair, that no perm has lasted on my head for more than a month. I gave up trying to perm my hair back in my teens.

My sister and friends have curly hair. My sister swears by KMS, and my friends swear by Redken products. It's all a trial of what product goes with your hair.

Personally, I like to make a home made recipe for my hair. I usually do this once a week. I continually colour my hair so I always need a good conditioner and my hair stylist even uses this one.

I find the best homemade conditioner is just mixing a bit of mayonaise (real mayo not the salad dressing knock off) with a bit of olive oil. Mix together really well, comb through your unwashed hair and then wrap your head with seran wrap and an old towel. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.

This is one of the oldest recipes for conditioning your hair.It's a little messy, but it's cheap and it works!!

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Russian: Maybe cheap for women with shorter hair, I must have to use about 1/4 of a bottle of mayo on my hair haha. Unless you are allowed to water it down a lot before putting it on your hair.
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Wow! I was shocked to see all the replie that I received! Thanks Guys!

Debby: I've tried some of paul mitchells products, but haven't had much luck with them. I do love the smell though! I've heard of Back to the Basic brand, but haven't found them any where. Are they just salon products or can buy them in grocery stores?

Vikki: Thanks for the link! I surfed the net a bit last night and found it too. I saved the link, since there is so much info on'll take me all weekend to read up on all of that!

Cindy and Angel: I searched Sally's Beauty's site and they've got everything under the sun. The SB store that I usually go to has great employees. I've asked lots of questions and they've always got great suggestions!

Lotsocats: I've used the Suave product line forever...they've got some good stuff and it's dirt cheap too! My mane problem (sorry for the pun!) is my extremely thick hair! I too don't wash the conditioner completely out of my hair...if I do I can NOT get a pick or comb through this mop! I've used some Loreal products, but haven't tried the lasting curls. I didn't know that they do animal I probably won't be trying it.
As for the right cut for naturally curly hair, I have recently went to a beauty college to get my hair cut. They told me that they recently did a big study on it since not many people cut it the right way. They have a new cut called Channel Cutting. It's hard to describe, but imagine this. They take a one inch strip of hair and they take the scissors through that strip by pulling the scissors through it. It thins out the hair with out making it "choppy". I noticed a huge difference after they did felt like 10 pounds were removed from my head!

Tigger: I've never heard of Fantasic Sam's. Maybe it's a regional thing?
Deb: Doesn't thick hair suck? Mine is still damp even though I took a shower at 8 am!
Kass: I'll have to try that homemade recipe! I've used those hot oil things and it just make my hair greasy even after washing it a few times. I think I might try it tomorrow..oh, I don't have any olive oil. Could I use canola oil? I think thats the only kind I've got right now.

Thank you all once again for the great suggestions! I knew that someone would chit chat girl stuff with me! LOL!
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Fantastic Sam's has a website that you can go to.....
And, check Target for the Back to Basics shampoo ... I've noticed Target is starting to carry some of the name-brand shampoos/conditioners!
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Shell, Back to Basics is sold just in salons I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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We have Back To Basics at hair stores like The Beauty Outlet here in Ontario.

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some target's carry back to basics and other salon brands. they smell yummy!
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Do you have an Ulta in your town? They carry all that stuff, too.
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nope..never heard of it either! I live in a town of 4000 people, so I don't have many options here. I usually have to go to Lincoln which about 70 miles away to get certain things (like Sally's Beauty stuff, Target and etc). We only have a Wal-Mart, a Dollar General Store and a few beauty salons that carry beauty supplies.
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they also have a website:
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Shell, i have seen your picture, and you definitely dont need any beauty advice. Maybe you should give some beauty advice.
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Thanks Tamera! That pic is from last summer and my "look" has changed quite a bit since then. Thanks for the flattering comment!
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