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Test strips for pH

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My cat Gwenny has interstitial cystitis. but with no crystals. She has had a few UTIs. I recently read that I could test her pH at home with test strips. I am kind of fuzzy about this--does the pH count if there are no crystals? Forgive me if this is an ignorant question.

Today I bought some pH test strips at the pharmacy; they gave me "Litmus Paper No. 5090" by John. G. Kyles, Inc. These have a pH range of 5.0-9.0, but only in whole number increments, not 5.25 etc.. Is testing her worthwhile and are these types of strips helpful?

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BUMPING so hopefully someone with experience will see

Yes some people do test ph at home under a vets guideance
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I have a kitty with interstitial cystitis as well. The pH strips can be helpful, but even if Gwenny has a pH within range that doesn't mean all is ok for an IC kitty.

I do use them, actually I use a test strip that checks several parameters. (important to note that leukocytes test pads dont give accurate results for cats). I test for blood, pH, glucose, ketones, biliruben, nitrates.

Even if these all come back normal, IC kitties can still be having issues. I have found the most trustworthy parameter is having urine sediments checked and watching Zoe's behavior. After 12 years of IC, last year we started her on Cosequin and it has really helped her. For some reason this helps the bladder lining which is affected by IC.

Another thing to note is that urine pH is very unstable outside the bladder. Urine pH needs to be checked within an hour if at room temperature. So only check urine that you collect or if you see Gwenny urinate outside the box and test it right away.
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Thanks for the advice and info. I have Gwenny on Cosequin and that seems to be helping, but I want a way to better monitor her condition. I will use these strips for now but know that they aren't fool-proof.

Thanks again.
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