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When you life goes down the drain ...

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... do you really want to have a cat there watching?

It's OK, my life's not down the drain, I just thought it sounded like a funny caption. Though I have no idea what possessed Mellie to sit there looking down that drain for long enough for me to get my camera. She's never done that before.
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LOL aww!

love the caption
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Do you have poltergeist in your drain that only Mellie can see?
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lol too cute!
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Very cute picture (and cat) and the funniest caption ever!

Maybe she's thinking: "From the second that hole tries to run away, I catch it and make sure it never escapes anymore..."
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I love the white tip on her tail!
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Originally Posted by Mawilouwl View Post
... and the funniest caption ever!
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When I left the house this morning for work, Max was in the bathroom sink busy jamming his paw down the drain.

I think that HE thinks I'm wasting water by letting it swirl down through that slimy tube.

Furkids are weird.
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Hahahahaha.... amazing caption. You should do that for a living
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Great caption. And Mellie is adorable.
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Thats greyt!!
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Great picture!
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Goodness, who knows why they do such things Hobo Skimbleshanks once spent at least 15 minutes staring into a floor heater vent.
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What a silly(and beautiful) kitty!!!
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It's really hard to figure them out, isn't it?
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