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Up up and away!!!!!!!

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Jerry and I are headed to Florida for some fun in the sun in Feb. The only problem is leaving my kids behind.......it truly tears my heart out to do that! Lord knows how much they mean to me and how much I love them........luckily I have a good kitty sitter, but still, no one can care for them like us meowmies can!
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I know exactly how you feel. I hate to leave them, even though Inknow they are in good hands for maybe an hour a day. poor babies. Sometimes I come home early.
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I know how you feel too!

But have fun on your trip!!!!!
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aww! am off on my holiday in July, i don't want to leave my angel's behind. i don't know whether to put them in a cattery or not, as i have no idea what they are like. & there isn't really anybody else to look after them, as they all work.

is the cattery a good idea?
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Have fun Susan!

The kitties will be fine..they have eachother as well as the good kitty sitter

Sending calming vibes for you

I hate hate hate leaving Trout too
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Oooo, you'll have such fun!
I always hate leaving my boys too, I always know they are getting into something they know they shouldn't be!
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