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vomiting... vomiting... vomiting...

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Thanks for this
"Cliff notes for question 1
whole food ... try elevating the dish or using a flat dish ... kitty MAY be eating to fast .. if this does not resolve it look at the food feeding as it may be a allergy"
BUT..... what next??

OK so I've had it! I give up. Oliver has been vomiting for YEARS. He seems to binge - pukes up undigested food. I've tried everything -changing the food, elevating the dish, giving a few pieces at a time. What next? What if it's a food allergy?? What should I try?
I'm currently feeding Royal Canine - Intense Hairball Formula
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Since my brain is tired a link to the formula your feeding?>??

common cat food issues





Next step is the vet running some tests...

HAVE you placed a CLEAN rock in the middle of the dish??
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For whatever it's worth, one of my cats used to be a chronic vomiter, 3+ times per day every day for years. I took her to a few different vets for it but no one found anything wrong with her to cause it. I switched her to the grain-free poultry (Chicken and Turkey) varieties of canned Wellness some time ago and the only times she's vomited since then have been when she's gotten into another cat's food. She can also tolerate dry California Natural. Perhaps you might try one of those foods or a similar poultry-based grain-free canned diet to see if they work? Perhaps you might want to give it a few weeks on the new food to let upset stomach resolve (unless it gets worse, in which case you'd want to contact a vet ASAP).
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We got a kitten-mm about a year ago. Chronic vomiter-would vomit while it was eating, never while drinking. Went back and forth to the vet to get different medications and different foods. A month later it was still happening, went back to the vet again and there was a substitute vet-he immediately recommended doing barium x-rays-we found out part of her aorta was wrapped around her esophagus, the opening was too small to get regular food down. We tried to manage it for another month with a gruel diet but she kept losing weight, didn't even grow any, she looked the same as she did two months earlier-her brother looked like an almost full grown cat. We ended up putting her to sleep. That is my experience with vomiting cats-maybe your cat has something similar, but not as extreme?
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Thanks for all of the advice.

For as much as Oliver vomits - he is overweight so I think he is getting MOST of the food down. I've had him to the vet several times and no one can tell me what his deal is.
I think I'll try the California Natural ..... or look for something without grain. I'd rather stick with the dry food - that's just my preference. Thanks everyone!
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