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Mike Tysons tattoo

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Has anyone seen Mike Tysons new tattoo????
Yikes! And its supposed to be maori, which is my nationality :confused2
I talked to my sister tonight and she said that the maoris are not happy because they dont want him connected to us. I think its ridiculous.

Let me explain to you about maori tattoos - they are called moko - they are a symbol of importance and respect, the more you have on your face, the higher up you are.
Here is an example:

While men have them on their whole face, or just on half, women only have them on their chins.

Here is a website that explains about maori tattoos - they are not put on the regular way - they use chisels.

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Mike has already had a tattoo of Chairman Mao for years and no one blames the Chinese for him, so don't worry! Unless you come face-to-face with him... he's one unstable bundle of nerves needing extensive psychiatric help!

Kellye, just to clarify... are you Maori yourself or just feeling the pain of your countrymen? Saw a show about tattooing about two weeks ago, and they had the traditional way of tattooing from several countries, including NZ. OUCH!! I want a tattoo, but it'll never happen, I'm a big wuss!
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Last night, our local news had a spot on Tyson and his new tatoo. What I remember the most is that he said (something like this, I can't remember the exact words) "The tatoo is Mayan, or from New Zealand". I would think that if you got a tatoo based on another culture, you would at least know a little about that culture. Maya and Maori are worlds apart (literally).
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Aaaahhhh, not even the boxing community takes him seriously after his butt was KO'ed by Lewis. And then he slobbered all over Lewis like a dog showing its tummy after losing a fight for status!

No one ever accused him of being too smart for his own good.
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Lola - i am a maori, my nana was maori and I am proud of my heritage.
I agree, Mike is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
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A few? He shows up with the tablecloth and has other people feed him! As a boxing fan, I've seen more than a few interviews where it seems like he's actually trying to top the last stupid thing he said.
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i guess boxing really does damage your brain.
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Just look a George Foreman! Sorry, boxing joke.

Actually, many boxers make it out with brain cells relatively intact considering their profession. One of my favorite commentators is Teddy Atlas, who is a former boxer. He took some beatings, in fact, one of his eyelids has a permenant droop because of damage done in the ring, but he still does an incredible job breaking down a fight for the viewers.

The saddest thing is that Mike has always been like that. Instead of encouraging him to stay in school and get help for his emotional and mental problems, he has had people who only care about the $$$ telling him what to do.
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yea thats true, and when you look at his life, having to live on the streets and to fend for himself, learning to street fight, which makes him such a powerful opponent. Its rather sad.
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but wasnt his son so cute during that interview! that tummy!
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I work in a tattoo shop, and that stupid thing that Tyson has is just what is called a "tribal tattoo" for those of you who didn't know. It is just some stupid trend, that some unimaginitave, non talented tattoo artist made up, most ripping it off from the Samoans, and Polynesians. When people ask us what it means, we tell them it means you have no imagination, and follow trends like sheep.
We have the exact same design on our shop wall, and it has been done to death.
I don't think that moron, Tyson would even know that the Maori people exist. I had the pleasure of meeting several Maori people at an American tattoo convention. They were great. Their moko was nothing like that stupid thing on Tyson's face.
I wish I had it out of storage, and could post a pic, I have an antique brass door knocker that was made in NZ. It is the head of a Maori tribesman with a very intricate engraving of his facial tattoo. I collect tattoo related things, and it has always been one of my favorite pieces.
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what tribe (if you know) did the maori people you met come from? I am from the Ngati Kahungunu tribe and I agree, it looks nothing like a maori tattoo at all, which is why a lot of NZers are not happy, maori tattooing is beautiful and hes trying to pass that off as our cultural art. Where did you get the knocker?
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I used to really like Tyson...way back in about 1986 when the world pretty much first heard of him....I watched him box and rooted for him to win...then when the whole thing about him abusing his wife, and the "rape" thing happened and all the other crap, and he bit off Hollyfield's (misspelled, I'm sure) ear...I just lost ALL respect for that man!!! I think he used to be a decent person, but he let his ego and his pride and his fame get the best of him and thought he was invincible. Sad.
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Mike Tyson is a thug, plain and simple. Don't worry about him being associated with Maoris - no one even associates him with the human race!
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I agree Cindy!!!!!
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I can stand the man!! He should be in jail for all the thing's he's done
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Krazy Kat2, where is your shop? What's it called? If I ever get up the courage to get my tattoo, I might just have to go out to yours...
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Just heard that Tanya Harding is part of this exciting fight night? (Correct me if I am misinformed) Now that's one/two boxing matches that I really don't care to watch....sorry. Not a boxing fan here anyways. Much respect for those who are though. I hope no one is disappointed but personally, I would not even spend a penny on this circus act that they are trying to portray as professional boxing.
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I heard about Tonya Harding - that one would be hilarious to watch!
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That is so irritating!! Women's boxing has been dogged on since the beginning! There are plenty of good female boxers, such a Christy Martin, heck even Laila Ali has had good training and isn't too bad. But to put Tonya Harding on a supposedly professional bout just drags women's boxing back in the mud because promoters care more about making $$$ than preserving the dignity of the "sweet science".
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thats funny you should mention laila ali - i had a dream that i was her promoter last night. she is gorgeous and if i was her i wouldnt do boxing, instead modelling would be better!
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There's a match, made in Heaven: Tonya Harding and Mike Tyson. Trailer trash and ghetto scum! Poster children for birth control.
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you crack me up cindy.
imagine those two having kids together. thats scary. a mean kid who throws hubcaps at her boyfriend!
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No, Kiwi, I don't remember what tribe they said they were from. I have a magazine article about them somewhere, though. If I ever get my stuff out of storage, I'll try and find out. They were big in the movement of bringing back the moko a few years ago. Great guys, a lot of fun.
WillieWZ, I work at Tattoos by Buzz, Jr. in Jacksonville, NC. It's about 50 miles north of Wilmington.
I agree that Tyson should be locked away somewhere. I hate to hear people call him an animal, because I think that is an insult to animals of all kinds! He certainly should not have been allowed to reproduce, I don't care how cute his kid is. He is going to be raised to be a vicious piece of subhuman garbage just like his father.
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I can't believe that an educated woman, much less a DOCTOR, married him and added his DNA to her gene pool.
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Kellye you said they put those tattoos on with a chisel?! Yikes!! Bet Big Mike didn't do that. Is it a test of manhood as well as most rituals are?
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hissy, that show about tattooing had a similar type of tribal tattooing on one of the asian islands, and I was wincing as they showed it being done... he wasn't allowed to show pain, he barely grimaced. I'd be going AAAAAAHHHHHH, and the tattooer would be saying "I haven't even touched you yet!!"
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yup Hissy, they are chiseled on. it is probably a test of manhood, as well as status. but the end result is beautiful.
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