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Eva is eating and Timmy is playing.
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I have the afternoon off from work because the gas company is coming out for my heating, so their in the conservatory watching the birds until he's been and gone
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Sparkle's sitting next to me, purring away loudly! Glamorous is either in the lounge, or gone out for a stroll hehe, & Izzy's sleeping for once
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sleeping right next to mom
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mine are all sleeping
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Furrari is noshing on his dinner in the cat room.
Freya is curled up asleep next to the printer on the computer desk.
Elijah is asleep on top of the microwave (a heating vent blows on that spot).
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Smudgey is lying in the cat tree with her paws hanging over the edge.

Stumpy is sitting where our tv which is in for repairs normally is, hoping we'll watch her instead...

Lily is curled up on the floor in front of us with her paws tucked in, and her tail tucked around her paws.

It's very very wet here with a fair bit of rain, so they haven't been able to watch the world go by out the windows today.
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Rosie is on the couch with her "dad"

Tiny has retired to the bedroom

Sister is playing with a throw rug in the kitchen

Bucky is watching Sister
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Lucy Belle is playing with my shopping bags. Just came home from the MALL and she is already unwrapping my loot!
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Well, Zoe just got a case of the kitty zoomies, so she and I just played a round of tag and chase through the house! Yes, I feel a little funny about it, but she seemed to have a big time she'll be ready to go settle down for some sleep.
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well, Sparkle's sleeping next to me hehe, & we've just found Glamorous hiding under the bed (she was attacking my partner's feet), & Izzy's sleeping (well, i think she is) LOL
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Matilda is sleeping in one of her favorite spots: the top of a closed suitcase. It's been out for weeks and I don't have the heart to put it away because she loves sleeping on it so much. There is white fur all over it, lol.

Chloe is surprisingly mellow, resting on a pile of clothes on the floor.
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mine are all sleeping! bless them hehe, all the playing makes them tired
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Wesley is eating and Sox is laying next to me on the floor!
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It's nap-time here all three are in on my bed snoozing.....
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I'm giving him a skritch on his forehead. He loves that
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sitting at his food dish waiting for more food
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Sheba is in the bedroom, sleeping like the sweet angel she is and Oliver is laying on my lap. He has positioned himself so that his tail is flipping across my laptop because I'm trying to type. Everytime I move him, he moves himself back. Oliver is a sweetheart but the resident trouble maker!
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One is asleep under the coffee table, and the other one is in the window talking to birdies
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Eliot is passed out on the futon, tired from terrorizing his!
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Wicked is walking across the living room. Probley trying to scope out the best napping place. Smidgeon is stalking her ready to pounce any second . And Quincey is upstairs on my bed sleeping.
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Shadow is on the futon cleaning herself, King David is on the cat tree looking outside and mittens is under her mommy's(my roomie pat) bed sleeping in a box
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