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What are your cats doing at the moment?

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Beauty's curled up by the heater in my bedroom, fast asleep.

What's everyone else's cats up to at the moment?
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It is afternoon nap time
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Snicky Poo is sitting on her cat tree looking outside and Swannee is sitting on the porch soaking up some rays!
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Everyone here is sound asleep!
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Pepper is running around like a maniac! She was glad when I got home from work and let her out of her room (the bathroom)
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My kittens are asleep!
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my cat's are all sleeping
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I go from my office to the kitchen quite often and Persi is usually asleep on the couch. But what is funny is that we have a chess table with two chairs and everytime I go out there, Alley is on the opposite chair. It's like she was playing chess with herself!
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Seamus is sitting on the desk staring at me, watching me type this, his eyes occasionally drooping... I think he's ready for a nap... which is tempting
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Both are sleeping. Chynna is sleeping on a folded comforter on my bed and Abby is curled up on a folded towel on my desk next to me.
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Quill is standing in the hallway meowing because all of the lights have been turned off.
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Beacon is recovering from her surgery at the vet's, probably missing Sox.

Sox is curled up sleeping right now, missing Beacon.
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Well it's 11:00 P.M. and I am watching (SAW IV) and me and 5 of my cats are all huddled up on the blanket watching it with me. I think they are closing their eyes like me it's a pretty bad movie.
The other 2 are outside in our atruim doing their business.

Good night all,
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Mine is clawing at the bathroom door wanting out.... but i cant let her because shes not ready to be let loose in the house... My poor kitten....
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Rusty and Dusty were having a nap on the couch. They woke up for when they smelled the fish sandwhich my hubby just ate. Now they are wrestling, getting ready for a romp.
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Demetri and Farley are chasing each other around and wrestling. Ana is watching birds on the bird feeder.
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Tiny's watching me type. And Baby's investingating the blanket I've stuffed over the top of the crack in the front door, and playing with the keys I have hung from the knob, and generally being an investigative "Hmm, something's changed, let's bat at it" kind of kitty.
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Sparkle's sleeping next to me, Izzy's sleeping in her room & Glamorous is with my partner, in the lounge (she's probably sleeping aswel) LOL
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One is purring on my lap, one is running around ringing her bell collar and one is hiding in a box.
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shinobi is making it very hard for me to do anything on the computer at all!!

milo and tabitha are eating biscuits.
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Both of mine are playing and wrestling.
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Lilly is sleeping on my Husbands desk while he works. Forrest is being a pest and bothering me at my desk while I'm working. He likes to push things off my desk onto the floor....over and over again until I finally yell at him to stop.
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Noodles is sitting in the box from my secret santa and Mooch is waiting for the perfect moment to attack her. It's a great box for hiding because it has a lid attached they just push up with their noses to get in. So the box has stayed with us these past few weeks!
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My cats are sleeping.
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I'm at work, so I don't know for sure, but it's a pretty good bet that they're sleeping in the sunny spot that appears in the guest bedroom on sunny afternoons.
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Brandy is outside, Shark is sleeping on her radiator kitty bed, and Arwen is on my lap fidgeting and chewing on my scarf..
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Butzie is on her cat sill, half sleeping but on the alert if any birds come to the feeder.
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Kitty has been unusually cuddley today He is next to me on the sofa right now. He was asleep but he heard me opening a can of soup in the kitchen so he`s awake but blearry eyed

Maisie is snoozing on the bed
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Kelly is spotting for buggies.
Luke is curled up on the bed.
Pooch is curled up in a chair.
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mine are all being lazy bums!
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