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My mother is 100% Mexican - born in Durango, Mexico
My father was 100% German - born in Berlin, Germany

I am a bean burrito with a bad temper (quoting my grandfather!)

I was born in Durango, Mexico delivered a nun in a Catholic hospital
I came to California, when I was 2 years old.
Nick is 100% Italian

Our children will: Spaghetti with Beans on the side!!!

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My great grandparents are from Germany. They came to America through Elis island in the early 1900s, Which i think is kinda cool. History wise. Here in wisconsin there is still a strong German cultural influence. Beer, bratz and polka music!
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Am I the only Portuguese here??

I think so....I was born in Mozambique (Africa), raised in Canada and now am living in Portugal. My whole family was born in Portugal.

Just a little history...Mozambique was a portuguese collony way back when. When the war broke out for independence we moved to canada.

My husband is 100% Brazilian, and our son was born in Canada.

I've been taken for everything and anything, I have darker skin and dark hair ( not natural color at the moment ) and eyes, so no one is really sure what I am Which is good, when ever I visit a latin country, I blend in with the locals. My grandfather on my mother's side is really darked skin, almost east indian looking, I think that is where I get it from.
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
My great grandparents are from Germany. They came to America through Elis island in the early 1900s, Which i think is kinda cool. History wise. Here in wisconsin there is still a strong German cultural influence. Beer, bratz and polka music!

Try searching for them online. It's neat!

American Family History Immigration Center
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Thanks for the site deb! Thats cool. Im going to email it to my mom she is going to enjoy it. (as will i)
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I'm 1/4 Scandinavian and the rest is Heinze 57. I've heard Dutch, Danish, French, German none of which are clear. I know for sure I'm 1/4 Scandinavian because my mom is 1/2 and my mom's~mom is 100%. I've never met my real dad, but have 'heard' he's french. It really sucks to not know your heritage and nobody seems to care to 'dwell' on it.
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Great thread!

I'm an Israeli and Jewish. Israel is also a country of immigrants (a melting pot or a salad bowl - whichever you prefer ). Both my parents were born here, but my dad's parents were born in Poland (came to Israel before the holocaust) and my mom's parents are from Tunisia.

Hubby's parents were born here as were his grandparents and some of his grand-grand-parents. Those that were not born here came from Russia.
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On my father's side I am English, my last name is Stotesbury.
On my mother's side I am French-Canadian, Thibault.

I was born in North Carolina, so I am "American" by birth, French, Canadian, heritage

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Cool thread, Daniela! I haven't had much time to "play" recently, but I'm glad I'm starting to catch up!

I'm 100% Mutt!

My maiden name is Douds. It used to be O'Dowd, and got changed in the civil war. My paternal grandma was Morrow, which is English.

My mom's Dad is of Scottish descent. His mum was "Perrine," which is french. My maternal grandma is "Bercholder," which is Pennsylvania Dutch (although it's German-speaking Swiss).

As Gary put it when we went through the family history - my family was kicked out of every decent European country.

Yes - the french part were Jugonauts, and emigrated from France to England in the 1640s (after the massacre), and then from there to the Americas some time in the 1700s.

The Scotch-Irish parts also came because of religious persecution - they were Mennonites. The PA Dutch were also religious troublemakers, and they came to the Americas shortly after Penn opened the colony (Pennsylvania - Penn's Woods - 1760s).

Those three parts of the family were here pre-revolution. The Fowler side came in the early 1800s. Don't know why.
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my mom is from port perrie ontario, and my dad's parents are from england but he was born in paris ontario. so iam not sure what iam i guess iam pretty much canadian.
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I'm very mixed mixed up

Dad: Father from England, Mother is German/American - her family came over here from Germany and always married other German immigrants/offspring but I have been told that a little Pennsylvania Dutch snuck in. Also, the ones who came over from Germany lived very close the border of France and I have been told that a little bit of French snuck in too.

Mother: Very hard to say, there is some British and a little Native American from way back. The reason it's so hard to tell is because my mother's family has been here since the early colonial days. I would love to research that side because there is a lot of American history involved. Evidently, my Great (times 6 or 7) Grandfather was Paul Sevier, the first govenor of Tenessee. I'm also related to Shirley Temple by marriage, her husband is a distant cousin of my mother's.
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I am 1/8 Polish, 1/8 Italian, and the other 6/8 is a mix of English, Irish, German, and I have no idea what else.
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Wow, Anne, I did not realize that you are a Sabarit. It's an odd thing, when I read everyone's posts here, I just imagine them all speaking English. It's odd to think that this may be a second language, and not a language of everyday business for everyone.

My dad is Scottish/English/Pennsylvania Dutch, with some a Mic Mac great grandmother. My mom is Ukrainian(or Polish) French Canadian and god knows what else. So we are typical Canadians.
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I guess I'm the boring one, I'm Finnish, and so is my family (well, my brother and sister are part Russian, and a lot of the family on my mother's side live in Sweden). And it's so true most people think that just about everyone here is blonde, which just isn't true, and it doesn't really go according to region anymore either, not really.
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I guess I would be 1/2 Polish, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Sicilian. - On my mom's side, her parents are both Polish, and on my dad's side, my grandma was Italian and grandpa was Sicilian. :tounge2: What's really good about my mix is both sides of my family cook really well!
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Hmmmm...lets ancestors on both sides are of Scottish origin- so that makes me Scottish-Canadian

My hubbys parents were German on his dads side and French on his moms. So I guess my kids are Scottish/German/French-Canadians? :laughing:
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I am 100% African-American
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Fathers side is Scottish and Irish.

Mothers side is English and German.
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It's so nice to read about all of you!

And welcome!!!! To those I do not know yet. Pleased to meet you!
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I am an Aussie through and through, parents also born here as were maternal grandparents. Paternal Grandpa was Irish, Grandmother Norwegian.
patcatpet and two lilac (platinum) speyed Burmese girls just one year of age - Suu Kwi and Ma Chaw!
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I'm a New Yorker . My parents were both born in the US.My mother's parents emigrated from Poland as teenagers, both to live with extended family members. They met when they were both in someone else's wedding party. My father's parents and 3 of his siblings came over from Dalmatia (part of Croatia) in 1913, and settled in NYC where he was born. My mother and he met in NYC.
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When Tito was alive I visited Yugoslavia - I think Plytvitce (Sp??)[Croatia in the mountains] and the Dalmation Coast are two of the most beautiful places in the world!

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Wow, looks like we have quite a mixing pot going here at TCS!!!!!!
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I'm as Dutch as can be
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I am a fourth generation German on my father's side. Mom was adopted, and we don't know the family history. She thinks French for some reason...I'm happy with American.
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well, i'm Canadian. my grandma came here from London, England (and i must say, there are certain words that i do pronounce brittish! especially, "always")

unfortunatley, i don't know too much of the history on my fathers side.
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