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New Addition to the Family

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I decided to add another one to the family so here is Squeakie. That was the name the shelter had given her, not sure if I am going to stick with it or change it.

She had a short introduction to Greta and Misty when I brought her home before separating her so she could relax in the new house. So far it's going well, just some curious looks and a some sniffing around between them all but no aggressive reactions. She is the third one I have adopted from the shelter in the past year.

Here are the pictures from the shelter website. Once she is a little more comfortable around the house I will add some new ones.

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She is beautiful! Congrats!
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Ahhh she is beautiful!
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she is definately very pretty
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Congratulations on your new fuzzy addition! Shes a beautiful girly
She looks like a sweetheart : Hope she gets used to the house soon!
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what a little sweetheart
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Oh she's beautiful. Such pretty markings!
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She's adorable! Congrats!
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She is simply adorable! That's very kind of you to adopt (and save!) so many cats!
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What a pretty addition to your family! Congrats!
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Congratulations, what beautiful markings she has.
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She's beautiful
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Here are a couple new shots of her at home on day two. I decided to name her Nia rather than stick with the name the shelter gave her. She spent most of the first day under my bed but came out for some treats as she got more comfortable. She is gaining more confidence and is not bolting under the bed at the first sign of something new.

She is getting along well with Misty. Greta is a little more cautious right now but she is getting more accepting as she sees Nia around the house. Greta is the queen of the house so she feels more threatened than Misty at this point.

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she is so gorgeous! of course, being a tortie she would be...
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She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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She looks like a nice cat - how old is she?
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The shelter staff estimated only 11 months old. She seemed a little big for only 11 months but I don't know how fast cats reach full size.

After seeing her moving around the house over the past few days her back feet seem to be turned outward a little which is affecting her movement. She can walk and run though she does seem to have a little side to side wobble of her back end when she does. She is not much of a jumper and struggles jumping up on my bed. I'll just keep an eye on her as she gets fully adjusted to the house. She ventures a little further into the rest of the house with each trip out of my bedroom to explore but she always ends up retreating there at some point.
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She's gorgeous, very pretty cat.
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Here are a few more shots of Nia with Misty from day five at home. They are hitting it off well. I even caught Greta warming up to her last night and grooming her as well. I woke up this morning to find all three of them snuggled up around me in the bed. So far so good.

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