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Rodent Love!

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I have some rodent friends in my family and decided to share them.I am sharing my whole family (pretty much) today! Hope ya'll don't mind!



JJ (Juggalo Joe)




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Aww your rodents are so cute : Its sweet how you take them outside
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Yeah,I take them out on nice days in the spring and summer and they seem to enjoy the fresh air.
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Awe milkshake!!!! I need to get some good pictures of my two girls! I just got a 9 week old light tan sheilded rat! !!!! Then I have a 2 year old blue sheilded rat!
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They are adorable!!
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Aww your Petters are adorable!!! I have 2 Rats myself! arnt they awsome Pets?!!! Are Misty and Milkshake Mice??


Originally Posted by 709Juggalette View Post
OMGosh your Milkshake look like my TempleTon!!! ((although im ganna assume Milkshake is a Mouse?.. My Temps. is a Rat))
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Thanks.Rats are AWESOME! I used to rescue and breed...but now I simply just have them as companions.

WOW! Your ratty looks alot like my Milkshake,except yes...she is a mouse.
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I love love love them all!!!! I am a huge rat and mouse fan
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Ive had mice since i was 10 and ive always loved them ((i dont have any now though)).. But i use to be scared to death of rats! until i met BBWK ((my first rat)) and ive been in love since!!! I was suppose to rescue when i moved here ((to PA)) but as always.. the landlords a "butt" and had to change my plans!!

But im hoping to get another female ((for a cage mate for my Alyssa)) and to breed her with my Temps once before I fix him.. then ill keep a a female and rehome the rest of the babies and get a big cage so they can all share it... Its a plan at least. Ive thought about it but I wouldnt want to breed regularly though.
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aww! cute
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Awww!! Very cute!!
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