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You guys don't know me yet,but as you come to get to know me you will find out that I foster beagles and greyhounds all the time for my local rescues! I enjoy it very much.

Well currently I have a little 1 yr old beagle mix named Patti.I just wanted to share some pictures of her.She is a little nuiscensce (sp?)...but really sweet!

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Patti is a little darling! Love that pretty face of hers :
Look forward to seeing more photos of your fostered dogs
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I won't post past foster dog pics...because there may be alot...but you can look forward to pics of all my future fosters!
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She is adorable!
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She is quite cute!
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Patti just went to her new home!

About an hour after I posted here,I got the messege that someone was interested in her and they just picked her up for her new home now.

Apparently I am getting another foster tonight tho!
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Very cute!! I love that last pic!
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