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Poorly little man!

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Hiya everyone!!!

I am posting this as a volunteer of the Algernon trust. So if anyone has any further infomation or help, can you please PM for the Algernon Trust's e-mail (this is what the owner requested people to do!)

This is the e-mail tha I recieved from Jane...

"I need your help trying to find a cure for my beloved Jonathan Gingercat. Could you post a request for help for a cat (age unknown, but not young, he was a stray) who has been diagnosed as suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chronic Pancreatitis and Hepatitis. Any suggestions regarding treatment, particularly with natural remedies, would be gratefully received. Please give out my email address, for direct contact then I can give further history of Jonny's illness to anyone who contacts me. I'm hoping someone, somewhere on the planet, will have helped a cat like my beloved boy and can help me help him as he has deteriorated and I don't know what else to try."

Due to being a rescue, the financial budget is low. Also, Jane is not keen on loading her animals full of drugs, this is why she has a prefernce over herbal remedies etc.

If any can help, it would be GREAT!!! I'm sure Jonathon Ginger cat would be grateful!!!
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Before anyone decides to donate please read one of our rules when it comes to giving money.

5. Solicitations – TheCatSite.com does not encourage or promote solicitation of money from our members. We will help in every way possible with our knowledge and support, but as many of us have multi-cat households and work with local rescue groups, monetary support is not always possible to causes or people we do not personally know. Members are allowed one posting in the SOS forum for each organization. Repeated postings for the same cause or organization will be deleted.

Also refer to the Pleas for Money sticky above
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