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Food question

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I've been free-feeding Willie dry (for one, because he eats in the middle of the night when I'm asleep, and also because I'm gone most of the day), and one small can of food in the evening. He doesn't eat that much, but he has a flappy belly he could use to lose (aside from that, he's not fat, he's actually fairly muscular). I'm thinking of switching him over to low-fat, but don't know if I should switch both or just one type of food?

What do y'all think?
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If you have a nice tall cat post or condo, start feeding him the regular stuff on the top level. That way he has to exercise before and after he eats-
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Ooohh, that's the perfect excuse to get myself in gear and build one of those things! We can't afford one, but my H is pretty handy.
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What a great attitude!
I think I've seen some plans on the net, and there are all sorts of neat ideas. We bought one, but my neighbor does a lot of woodwork and I was hoping this summer he would help me build a really neat one!
Some of the ones for sale have really cool features - little tubes and houses and even hammocks! I think building one could actually be a lot of fun! Good luck, and I'll look for those plans and try to post them for you.
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I don't want to do anything too fancy, but I want him to have several levels and a little hidey-hole. I've been looking at ones on the web and at PetsMart for ideas. I just hope it doesn't overwhelm me!
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Tons of stuff came up when I searched on Google http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...cat+tree+plans

Good luck!
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There's links to DIY scratching posts/trees on this page...

DIY Scratching Posts/Trees

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Thanks a ton for the links, they are really helpful!
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