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gecko shedding

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My leopard gecko had a shed this morning and it was super cool to see! Unfortunately it got all but it's toes on it's right hind foot. I waited a little while (not too long though) and then put it in a container with a damp paper towel and used a moist q tip to take off the extra skin. On one of the 3 toes I had to do this to there was a little red dot at the end, but the toe is the same length and it didn't seem to hurt it...also there was no blood on the white paper towel.
It has a moist hide, but has never used it that I've seen. The hide has paper towel in it which stays moist (checked it last night and again this morning) and is in between the cool and hot sides, closer to the hot.

From what I've read, I've done this right...but how do I get my little gecko to use the dang hide next time?
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I have two leopard geckos and they often don't use their hides either.I really don't know how to "make" them use it.

You did everything right tho,as far as helping with the areas the gecko had problems with!
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Some young geckos have problems getting all the shed off their toes. They get better at it with age.
It's possible you could have gotten a little rough with the toe, but as long as the gecko is using the foot and there's no bleeding, it's fine. On occasion mine have been too rough removing their own shed, without my help.
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Thanks guys,
I thought it was ok...didn't know that about the youngins. Its walking on its foot with no problems, and didn't even flinch when the skin came off.
I'm noticing some bright orange coming through at the top of the tail this shed, not much, but I can see it
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When they get older they can have shed problems as well.
My female Mystta is about 8-9 yrs old and often has problems,especially with the skin on her toes and nose.
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