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Whitefoot with toilet roll!!

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I just thougth I'd let you all know this wierd story about our cat...!

Well we were sitting in the lounge watching telly and then we suddenly heard a scratching sound coming from the bathroom, we got up and listened again and it was still going! We walked into the bathroom, turned the light on and there we saw Whitefoot sitting on the toilet, on his hein legs with his little paws unrolling the whole toilet roll ( don't ask!)!!

So we had to roll the whole thing back up, hoping that he wouldn't do it again! Wierd some of these cats arn't they!
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Please can you leave me messages and other stuff on this page because it is my first post and I just want stuff to reply to!! lol!


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Kittys sure are mischevious little rascals! Our little kittens love to unroll toilet paper too. There are mornings where the bathroom looks like it snowed toilet paper & then we have to roll it all back up!
Silly kitties!!
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Aww! Thats really sweet! Its weird how some people's cats do the same things!
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I think most cats love the tp roll Trout seems to like the bathroom garbage more than the roll though
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Aww, your baby sounds like a sweetie - my Dante tries to be a gentleman with the toilet paper. For soem reason, he only goes after the guest bathroom's roll, which I find in shreds every few weeks. Actually, I think he may even eat a bit of the paper as well. But, for some reason, he leaves the master bathroom alone, for which his mommy thanks him, especially in the middle of the night!
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In one of the places where I lived, the cats' litter box was placed in the bathroom between the toilet and the wall, right below the toilet paper. You can guess what happens next. They decided they loved to unroll (and in the process tear/poke lots of holes in) the toilet paper. I ended up resorting to taking an old washcloth and wrapping it around the toilet paper roll and securing it with a safety pin. (Of course, I had to take it off and put it back on again whenever I wanted to use it )

Strange, though, they never bothered the toilet paper in any other place that I lived
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I guess I actually have the wierd cats then. None of my four have ever shown any interest in the TP. However when I am in the bathroom, they all have to be too. Trinity LOVES to watch the toilet flush too and she will run over to watch as soon as I get ready to flush. . . lol, I usually even call her over first because I wouldn't want her to miss the show!
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My cat Kelly does the same thing!!!

It's for this reason that we cannot put toilet paper on the toilet paper roll. We keep them in a separate box. Kelly shreds them.

We keep our paper towels in a cabinet because both Kelly and Pooch will bite it.

Luke likes to chew on anything plastic. Plastic on the envelopes, plastic on the egg noodle bags, stickers, tape, and leather strings.
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That's sweet, thanks for the latest posts people.
Interesting to see what other people's cats do!
Please could some of you in your free time look at my other post about Whiskas cat food!(sounds wierd I know!)

Speak later

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HI Amber. My cat Blossom has a liking for tissues, I have to leave all the tissue boxes upside down or she pulls out the tissues & shreds them. She's only ever unrolled & shredded the toilet roll once.
Youtube has some great videos of cats & toilet paper.
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Aww thanks for that post. I have been on Youtube and arn't the videos sweet! Thanks for letting me know.

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If you think thats wierd, listen to this. Every time I flush the toilet, both Oreo and Spookie jump up on the toilet seat to watch the water go down. And now they are really getting brave, and leaving their back paws on the seat, and proping themselves up on the inside of the bowl, yes, the inside, and trying to figure out where the wate goes. It's so cute.
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lol- Pepper has gotten a hold of an empty one and it chasing it all over the house right now!
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A full toilet paper roll, and an empty one are 2 totally different things. Full ones aren't nearly as interesting as the empty ones that end up in my kitchen floor every day!
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