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Brag about your cat.

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my lady has never had an accident since the day I got her. She always used the litter, and while moving to Canada, in the car she would wait until we went to a hotel and set up a her litter for her
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Whiskers will take up guard service at the front door at about 10 to 4 on school days. I noticed this when I was on vacation one week and wondered 'what is she doing?' She waits for the boys and as soon as they come in the house, she trots off for her nap. How cute is that?

I wish I could brag about how she has never had an accident.....*sigh*

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If you just insist we brag, o.k. lol

Mysti is a registered Bengal, 2 1/2 yr. old retired show cat. I adopted her when she retired. In her first show at 4 months she placed 1st out of 46 Bengal kittens.

She is very lovable. Does not really have cat attitude, more like a dog. She listens well to the word "No", so she never gets on a cabinet or kitchen table. She knows "Stay".

By the way if anyone knows of someone who would like to adopt a Ch. Abysinian retired show cat the lady I got Mysti from has a beautiful gold one (not orange), female spayed. All you need do is pay the spay fee or that is all I did.

A referral from me will help. She is a beauty and must go to an excellant home.

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My Ragdoll, Simon, is a gorgeous blue bi-color; everyone who meets him can't help but scoop him up in his/ her arms and coo over him. And he's so docile, that he just lies limp and allows himself to be carried around like a, well, like a Ragdoll. Plus, he runs to the front door when we return home. He's the biggest mush of a cat I've ever known.

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GoGo and Spot know their names....my other two, well, they come to any name.
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Oh, don't get me started. I could be here all night and the mods would have to disconnect my access to the site!!

I've never had a problem (yet!) with Nakita.

*As soon as we brought her home she went straight for the scratching post and litterbox.

**She purrs when we cut her nails!

**She loves shoulder riding, but only uses my partner's shoulders (doesn't like mine!)

**She does these cute little chirps and moans. She barely meows, but will do the other sounds quite often. The moan is like when you tell a child to go to bed early (It's like Oh Mom!)

**Everybody who meets Nakita can't get over the deep emerald colour of her eyes. You get lost in them!

**Her fur is really soft, and she has whiter fur around her face. It looks like her feet and face was touched by frost!

OK, I'll end there so I don't start hearing snores coming from the audience!

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i don't know if this is bragging...

ed has freakishly strong paws. no joke. it actually hurts when he slaps you!
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jan - its the same with peedoodle - hes so strong, i swear hes stronger than me!!!!!
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Oh I love bragging about my cats! (Just ask my co-workers )

Especially Merlin....he is so smart!!! He knows his name, and he knows the words "food" and "out". If I say "food?" he runs to his bowl...if I say "out" he runs to the door.

He also never has an accident...he did when he was little, but not since then...he is 2 1/2 years old now.

He also jumps up and wraps his paws around the doorknob when he wants to go outside. He knows that is somehow the key to opening the door but just can't seem to do it by himself!

Oh, I almost forgot...he also knows the word "no". If he is doing something he shouldn't...like playing with one of my houseplants, I say "no" and he looks at me and stops. He knows.
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My Ophelia is the smartest cat I know. We joke that if there was a quaantum physics in Meow, she would be all over it! When she was a little tiny kitten, the litterbox was almost as tall as she was. So she pushed a really thick paperback book to the edge of the litterbox so she had a step. She's also never gone outside of the litterbox, even though she was a feral kitten when she came into our lives. As soon as it was set up for her, she knew that's where to do her business.

Trent is the most loving boy. He loves to snuggle up and just tonight came up on my lap and snuggled for almost 2 straight hours! He gives us kitty kisses and always greets me at the door when I come in.

Both of them are so good! They don't get up on counters, they always use the litterbox, they don't fight, they listen when we tell them "no" and generally won't do it again.
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Somehow, Opie and Rowdy know when someone is coming home. When we pull into the driveway, one or both of them is sitting in the from window, waiting. Its not like either of us comes home, at a regular time. I'm not working and, when I did, it was rotating shifts. Nowadays, I may make a 10-minute run to the library, 30 minutes, to the grocery store or 2 hours, to my parents'. No matter, when I turn in, there he/she is!

Bill says that they have the mother ship tracking us.:martian:
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I love to brag!
Grayski.open;s my bottom cupboards,which has child proof lock's!
Cloud Dancer,rides on Ted; shoulders from the bathroom to the kitchen!
Cheyeanne's vet thinks she is the most beautiful Siamese she has ever seen,and she has 2 of her own!
White Cloud crawel's up & into my silverware drawer!
Nickajack is the sweetest, loveable cat would't hurt a flea.He has the most crossed eyes,I have ever seen!
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Squirt comes when you call. He knows his name, and will come when I whistle. (He used to go outdoors, and when I got home from work, he'd come to the whistle). He also knew my car by sight and would run home when he saw my drive in the apt. complex. We also used to go for walks, because he'd follow me like a dog. Squirt and I also have long conversations. He meows and I talk.

Joseph is not a talker at all. His meow is only a little squeak. His best accomplishment to date is that he hasn't peed outside the box since October. He always trots up to the food dish in the morning when I get up. He knows to go to the dish that I am not filling up and switch off so I can get to the 2nd one.

At the last apt I lived in, both cats would always be in the front window (2nd story) when I drove up. They both knew the car and would run to the front door when they saw me drive up. Now they both high-tail it to the door when they hear the garage door opener.
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