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Wow! I have some pretty WEIRD dreams!!!

The first dream I had last night was about a guy that was starting fires in everyones yards/houses!!

Then I woke up and went back to sleep, and had a dream about this big scary lizard thing chasing me!!! It was really weird!!!

Why do I have such odd dreams?? LOL....anyone else have this problem??

I mean, I woke up scared from both of them, they were so real~
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My dreams are always weird, but not scary weird.
More like so cool that I don't want to wake up.

Occasionally though, I'll have one that makes me mad, like fighting mad.
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I have weird dreams sometimes. Not too often do I actually have normal ones come to think of it

The other night I dreamed I was kissing Joaquin Phoenix...so random
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Most of my dreams are really weird ones...I don't want to remember them!

One of my dreams I can remember really well though....A huge black rat with red eyes jumped up at my face! Boy...that was scary
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I keep having dreams about someone coming after me. The other night in my dream I was in my car and this group of thugs were trying to get me. Then last night I was in a house and this guy was coming after me and this other girl with me. No idea what those are all about.
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Don't worry, odd dreams make me look forward to falling asleep.

The other night I dreamt that I had to go to Afghanistan for a meeting and somehow got into the country without a passport. However they weren't allowing me to leave the country without one. So the two security agents were short 5 foot something 20 year old girls who threw a long dark brown wig on me that made me look like Shakira and told me to follow them. The whole time they kept saying "You so looking like Afghan woman now!"
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i always have weird yet scary dreams
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