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The family

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Alright, so I have hundreds of pics that I never put up, so I thought Id put some up!

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I maybe should of done that different.... Thats a whole lot of pics on one thread...
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I've done more on one thread its okay! What beautiful photos! Your kids and kits are just adorable
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And a beautiful family it is!
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Adorable kitties and such cute kids
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A lovely family indeed!
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You have a beautiful family!
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Why thank you all! I always thought they were beautiful too!

The guy in the pic with the two kids is my DH! The kids in his lap are Angel, My 5 y/o & Jacob, My 2 y/o! Joseph didnt want to sit in on that pic! He's the baby thats right below that picture! He's 1 years old! The girl in the pink sweater in the one picture is me, on a very bad picture day! I was holding Eek in that picture! The two kitties at the top are of course Eek and Hobo Jax, and then the pics of the all grey kitties are my Boobsi Baby! (BooBoo)

I think the one of the kittens together is just adorable! They are so close! Most people say to keep them seperated for a while, and I wasn't thinking that day and just stuck him in with the other two, and Hobo Jax has just fit in right from the second he got here! Even BooBoo loves him! So he was a purrfect addition!!
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Kittens + Kids = FUN! They're adorable! Do they wear each other out often?
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OMG the kids and the cats wear each other out all the time! You should see them chase each other around the house! The cats are so good with the kids! For the mot part I have to worry with the kids being mean to the cats!

The cats chase the kids, if you run, they'll chase you! Then the kids chase the cats! its hilarious!
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sweet picture's!
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They are very sweet pictures! They're not at all cool funny pics, because all the pics on here were taken with my phone! Its the only way to send it directly to my photobucket account! I just love snuggly cats and kids!
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all of your family and you are just precious!!!I can tell the kittens love each other!!! Glad we got to see all of "The Family" so special!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They really are a wonderful family!!

I have some pics Id like to put up of when my son had his surgery, and when Joseph had septacimia! So Ill put em up!

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Okay the ones above this post are of Joseph in the hospital, I tried to put Jacobs up there, but even after resizing they still showed up at the same size so Im going to try yet again!
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Trying this one out just to make sure it works before I try to put the others up....

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I give up, Ive changed the size, they are only showing up huge on this one site!
Ive got them resized already down to 320 and they are showing up as full screen.

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These are suppose to be thumbnails, so you should be able to click on them to get them bigger, weather or not photobucket is going to work today is beyong me though...
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awww! Poor Boy!!!! Bless his heart!
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yeah, My boys are tough cookies!! The first set of pictures is of Joseph, my one year old! He's doing good now!! Trying to fight septacymia wasn't easy though! The only reason they cought his is because right after I brought him into the ER, a lady brought in her little girl (who looked to be dead to me) and the little girl died of septacymia! It was the only reason they even thought to check!! I got pretty worried for a little while with him. I took him in one day because he was not looking at you when you made noises like clapping, the Dr kicked over a metal garbage can, Joseph didn't blink an eye and he was admitted! He was in there for almost 3 weeks! I still feel bad for the lady who's 2 year old daughter died, especially since when I gave birth to Joseph, she was giving birth to her son, who got caught in the umbilical cord and died.... The poor lady has been through so much grief!!

Then the second set of pics is my 2 year old Jacob, who is also doing well now!! He wouldn't stop screaming when he was born, and I know what normal baby screaming sounds like, but since I had heard him do this since birth I didn't realize anything was wrong, I thought he was colicy! Then one day I went to change his diaper and a fleck of my nail polish was on his groin, which really called attention to the HUGE lump sticking out of it! I didn't know what to do, but I put my fingers on it and pushed it back in and he stopped screaming. I took him to the ER, he had 3 surgeries to repair his issues! (you would think the first one would have been bad enough!) My grandma had noticed that his cry was a pain cry earlier than I did, but he seriously cried like that since the day he was born!! So it wasn't as easy situation! Then right in between two of his surgeries I found out I was pregnant with Joseph! So things have been rocky!

But I wanted to show you my boys accomplishments. If you compare them now you would never know they were that sick!
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