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Does your cats have middle names?

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What are your cat's full name?

Mine are:
Snickers Anabelle Williams
Swannee Lynn Williams

Our pugs are called:
Otis Winthorpe Williams
Isabelle Mary Williams
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Trouts middle name is my last name
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Nope I don't count our "last name"

Ling is LingLing for her name

Charlie's registered name is DotDotDot Charlie Wonka - so no "middle" name
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yeh! all my cat's share the same middle & last name

the middle name is:


they all have the same title aswel hehe!

& that's:

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Yup, their middle names are "The".

Stumpy The Cat
Smudgey The Kitten

and Lily is Lily Girl, so she doesn't
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Levi Aaron
Jordan Noha
Isaac Abner
Magdaline Marie (aka Maggie)
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I just realized something I think is sad about me. I'm always trying to think of middle names for the naughty cats at the shelter. One of the shelter cats is in the early stages of CRF. So I have to sub-q here every week. She is the sweetest cat. Her name is Lu-Lu. I always call her Lu-Lu Bean.
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Felix Antonio

Sheba Marie *registered name "Sheba Wired 4 Action"

Ziggy Zoo Zoo *registered name "Happy 2B Nappy"

Ziggy and Sheba are wirehaired cats.
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Yeah, they have middle names alright...TROUBLE
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Tonka - Registered Name : Shaharems Tonka of Old Style
Tonka - Call Name: Tinka Stinka Butterball

Lexus - Registered Name : Reprise Lexus of Old Style
Lexus - Call Name : Lexus P. Brown (The P. doesn't stand for anything, it is just 'there')

George - Registered Name : Old Style My Name Is George
George - Call Name : George Patootie Butterball

Pearl - Registered Name : Old Style Pearl Elegance
Pearl - Call Name : Pearl Peas and Onions
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Oddly enough, yes they do, but not all of them???

Kailey Suzanna
Shellbie Sue

Wierd, only those two... never thought of that

Well and Jinxy Cat, lol if that counts
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Originally Posted by zao_cat View Post
What are your cat's full name?

Mine are:
Snickers Anabelle Williams
Swannee Lynn Williams

Our pugs are called:
Otis Winthorpe Williams
Isabelle Mary Williams
Callie Joy
Tolstoy Yaffe
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We've a few nicknames for each of our cats.

Registered Name: Pooch
Nicknames: 1) Boobooz, 2) Booboos von Noon-noon-stine, 3) Poochie Dootch
Stage Name: Booboos the One

Registered Name: Luke
Nicknames: 1) Luke de Face, 2) Luke de Luke, 3) Bazooka Face, 4) Torpedo Face
Stage Name: Luke the Face

Registered Name: Kelly
Nickname: 1) Kelly-Belly, 2) Babygirl, 3) Kelster, 4) Kellita
Stage Name: Kelly the Kid
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I always had a weakness with names, and wanted to name even the kittens that grandma ended up giving away when I was kid.... So naturally my cats have plenty of names. All my three boys have three names. Two given by us, and the third name that they came with from the shelter.

First brothers were Salt and Pepper but I just wanted something more personal because sister-in-law's old-time dog was already Pepper. So they got new names and kept those old names as their third ones.

Our newest cat was named Simon at the shelter - just like every other Siamese cat at the shelter! He really had only had it for 10 days, and since one of his brother's middle name was already Simeoni, we scrapped it altogether Thus our newest boy got three brand new names.

Nicknames... I don't know... Even newest baby has dozen already...
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1. Maggie Lynn

2. Lexi- I can't decide on which one. When Lexi gets in trouble two different names pop out. What do you guys like?
Alexis Elizabeth or Alexis Elaine?

3. Then poor Louie
Ok now this sounds bad but Louie's midde name is pronounced
SHI... like(shish ka bob)
THEAD like (seed)
but when you put the spelling together is looks like Sh**head. This sounds terrible but this is a true story. There is a real person with this name. Oh and it fits him perfectly. He is such a goofy and clumsy cat
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No, Lily doesnt have a real middle name. If anything her middle name would be poo

Since I call her Lily poo all the time.

Shes got plenty of first names though!
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well since i named him after ringo star from the beatels his full name is Ring star Firestone
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Oliver's middle name is Jake, Rocky's is Elwood. Both names are from "The Blues Brothers," one of my favorite movies of all time.
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chloe sniffers -- because shes the NOSIEST cat ive ever seen
and princess patches the piglet -- self-explanatory lol
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Neither of my two have middle names; guess I never really thought about it--except maybe "Bad Cat" when they've been naughty!
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Sebastian Alexander
Daphne ? I cannot seem to come up with another name for Daphne ~sigh. I call her lots of lovey names but nothing sounds right with Daphne.
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