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my cat is a Orange cat
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Paige is a short haired calico and Gabriel is an orange and white medium haired tabby.
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Griffin is flame point, Bastian is seal point mitted, and Sprout is black and white (I think, based on the little bit of hair he has on his nose!).
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Squee is a torbie and Scratch is a classic tabby with combinations of black, white, grey, brown and silver.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
I have 3 so I didn't vote, because I could only vote once!
You can check more than one box before you vote.
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I'm not sure how well the categories fit my kitties.

Shareena: bicolor blue/cream
Miss Patchwillow: bicolor black/white
Goldy: red tabby, mackerel
Iris: brown patched tabby (some tortie markings)
Lion: red tabby, classic
Cali: brown batched tabby (more tortie markings)
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Sooty is black and flash is i dunno she has black white ginger and brown but she is gorg and thats all that matters
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brown tabby with white
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Which one?! Delilah is a brown tabby, and Foxy is too. And Phoebe is grey & white.
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Aww- all the black cats.

Mistoflees was at one point- "black from his head to the tip of his tail". He's got white furs on him, I'm thinking it's more of an age thing (he's 16).

Sneaky Pie is a Torbie. And has "Torbitude". Which I thought would go away when she got older. But it hasn't. Every day she acts more and more like the "real" Sneaky Pie Brown (AKA Mrs. Murphy).
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On a cow, that pattern would make it a Holstein or a Friesian. On a horse, it would be called a Pinto. Is there a special name for it one a cat?
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Tri-Color Tiger
Black, Orange, with White mitts and chest
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