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I think I was told Seb is sealpoint something. Think Daphne was a torbie? I get confused between the torbies, torties and calicos I love 'em no matter what color they are
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Demetri is chocolate spotted silver

Farley is chocolate spotted

Anastasia is tawny spotted
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I have:

1 black & white bicolour (grade 7/harlequin pattern - more than 60% white, but more colour than a van)
1 blue
1 lilac who will hopefully be coming to live with us in the near future
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Coco I put Tuxedo but her Black is Reddish Brown in the light
Oreo is a Tuxedo
Sasha was easy she is a Russian Blue Mix that looks that is Blue
Meeko I do not know what she is She is a Brown Tabby with Orange
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My answer would be....Which one????

All my Abys are Ruddy
A Blue Cream
1 black
A couple brown ticked tabbies
A couple of minks
A black smoke
A red tabby

I'm probably missing some cats but that's all I can think of right now.....
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I think Quill is a Brown Tabby and White bicolour.
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I dunno... some kinda bicolor?
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You can see on my siggy!.... my 2 loves!...
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Raven is Black and Jack is a classic tabby, with black, grey, white, and a light brown color.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Interesting that as of now 40% are black cats.
Yeah when I went to adopt my two from the Humane society, I would say that a large majority (almost 70% or more) of the cats were black there or black and white. I helped ease the situation with Beacon (in fact I had another one picked out that was just as darling as Beacon, but with a better eye coloration) but when I went back to put a hold on that one the next day, she was gone and I found Beacon then.
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I have 2 brown tabbies, one black tabby, 4 solid blacks, one gray and white bi-color, two orange and white bi-color, and black and white bi-color, a calico, a dilute calico, that I guess you could call a van since her colors or on her head and tail, and an all gray
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I have 2 seal point, 1 bicolor grey/white, 1 calico, 1 grey tabby, 1 brown tabby, 1 black, 1 white, 1 van pattern, 1 brown marble and 1 spotted brown.
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I needed three patched options!!!! All three of mine are patched.

Enzo=black patched
Leya=blue patched
Stuart=silver patched (i don't know what he would be, but he's much lighter and 'shinyer' than Leya)
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Isabella is a solid white odd-eyed Turkish Angora
Velvet is a solid black dsh
Kojak is a tuxedo (black/white) dsh
Jasmine is a torti-point Colorpoint Shorthair

I think they're all just gorgeous!!
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Mmmm what option are people picking for plain ol' tabby??
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I didn't see tabby in the choices, I have two grey/black tabbys in addition to all the others I picked
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I have a long haired cat that is grey and cream, mostly gray with dark legs, cream on bellly and chest, dark tail, and beautiful dark stripes on his head. I'll post a photo when I can and maybe you all can help me decide. Whatever he is, he's beautiful to me!
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I got my two girlies in on the siggy too - Tosca is my tux kitty and Bootie is a long-haired smoke. (Norwegian forest)
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Mmmm what option are people picking for plain ol' tabby??

That would be other, there was just too many types of coats,patterns,etc to add.
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woohoo Black kitties unite!
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A tortoiseshell and a silver tabby I think.
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I wasn't sure how to answer this one, when it comes to my Bengals, so I put brown. Simba is a Brown Spotted and Angel is a Brown Marbled.

My Siamese cats are: SunLee-Chocolate Point and Shane-Seal Point.
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I'm happy to see so many people with black cats. I don't have any, but as someone who volunteers at a shelter I know how hard they are to adopt out. So I'm glad to here of those that love black cats.
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Eric and Marie are both mitted and are almost identical (they are brother and sister from the same litter) and my Meezers has the typical colors of a Himalayan but the facial features of a Siamese. He's mostly brown with a bit of white and black.
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I have a many cats These are the raggies
seal color point
blue color point
seal Bi-color
seal mitted
chocolate mitted

non raggies (which I forgot to vote on,)
2 black cats.
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Black cats are still in the lead, followed by "other".
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Maisie - Tortie

Kitty - Ginger and white
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Buffy is black, Willow is blue cream (dilute tortoiseshell) and Molly is what I call "cow." More white than black, but a lot of the time, I hem and haw, trying to figure out if she's more black than white or more white than black. It's pretty evenly matched. But I say more white than black, because it looks like she started off white, and then the powers that be (God, lets say) added some black to her back and tail and her two ears. Throat is white, belly is white, legs are white (though, all four legs have a splash of black, lol)
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Monte & Katina - grey & black tabby
Tailpipe - he's kind of a siamese with white spots...
Caliper - Tortie
Chassis - Tuxedo
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Twitch - white
Lily - black/brown tabby
Damita - tortie
PJ - buff
Punky - mitted grey tabby
Dorian - buff
Ophelia Rose - white
Squishy - orange & white
Cow - buff & white
Fafeena - dilute calico
Slinky - black/white tuxedo
Tabitha - dilute calico
Goat-Head - buff/white tuxedo
Billy Bob - black/brown tabby
Tony Bob - black/brown tabby
Molly - black & white
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