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Anyone have expiriance with stomatitis?

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Well its official... Little Cillian has stomatitis... not that I could ever have a normal cat....

Right now the vet wants to do pulse antibiotics... so 10 days out of every month he's going to be on antibiotics to try and control it for as long as possible.

Has anyone else ever had a cat with stomatitis? Did you wind up having to remove all the teeth?

I was just hoping to get an idea of what to expect...
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My cat Kingston has stomatitus. He is only a year old so it is not severe yet. Everything I have read most cats do end up needing all their teeth pulled. Since Kingston is so young I started brushing his teeth, no idea if it will help the stomatitus in the long run though. It is common for cats with stomatitus to be on prednisolone and clyndamycin.
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Thats the antibiotic we're going to be using....The poor things only 9-10 months old. I have been working on getting him used to a toothbrush... It seems to be a very slow process. He likes the toothpaste, but he isn't so fond of the brush... I figure it cant hurt...
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My boyfriend's mom's cat has stomatitis. She did eventually need all of her teeth pulled. They ended up pulling a few at a time, but in retrospect it would have been easier to pull them all at once or in just a couple of batches. The kitty, Kali, is smaller than most cats, and every time she had a flare up she would stop eating. Now she only has her canines (fangs) left, and she's doing well. She's about 8 years old.
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Do you know around what age they had to start removing her teeth? I'm hoping we can at least make it a year or two before it gets that bad...
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Twitch fought with it on & off....basically on all the time...antiobiotics, a variety of them. She's now anti-biotic resistant. She was 7 months & her teeth were rotten. 2 years when they were pulled.

Her brother, Cow, just had his teeth pulled a month ago....no diagnosis other than "rotten to the root".
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Stomatitus is a generic name for a number of gum related problems. The course of treatment and whether or not you will need extractions at all depends on the underlying cause. I had a cat who had it and we were able to control it through regular dental cleanings and antibiotics. My Stumpy has a different variation and had to have all of his teeth removed a few months back (he was diagnosed about 18 months ago).
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