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Rowdy's Turn

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I know that, by now, you've read what that old stick-in-the-mud Opie has written. I'm here to tell you that life, around here, isn't as bad as he says.

Personally, I think that dogs make wonderful playmates. They don't hiss, spit and swat, when I want to play and I want to play ALL of the time.

There are a few things, to gripe about though. At Christmas, Mom put up a tree, with wonderful toys hanging all over and, then said that I couldn't play with them! Grandma showed up, wearing a great toy (a skirt with three rows of fringe) and wouldn't let me play with that, either.

We get lots of good food, plenty of scritches and lots of comfy places to sleep. Dad has a long ponytail and he lets me play with it. Mom hands out Pounce treats. For all of these goodies, Opie and I don't have to do a lick of work. Sweet!
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Rowdy, sounds like you have a pretty good life there! Psst...so they still lock you out of the bathroom???
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Mom lets me come in, when she's soaking in the tub. I like to play with the bubbles. I just don't understand that leg-shaving business. What's WRONG with hairy legs?
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Just be careful mommy doesn't decide to shave you! Of course she would never do that - fur looks good on you!
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oh rowdy! you are so sweet to share this with us!!! :LOL:
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Rowdy, I'm nothing, if not fair. So, why is Opies's picture on your story? Not that I would want to cause trouble, but I would demand equal space. You are, I'm sure, a glamorous young kitty-whose picture would add grace and beauty to this forum. I'm not suggesting rebellion, but I'm sure YOU can come up with something. From what I hear, you always do!
p.s. I like dogs too!
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