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Does your cat grab you?

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Lately, if I am going somewhere in the house and Butzie wants me to stay, she will take her 2 front paws and she tries to stop me. It is so cute! Anybody else?
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Good Butzie!

When my cats grab me I end up being scratched... so by being quick on my feet, I avoid being stopped by my kitties.
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Pepper chases me when I walk. She's always jumping at my legs when I'm walking - if I'm wearing my nightfgown she frequently gets tangled in it and we both trip...
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Yea she will grab both me and Hammy but she won't scratch me she scratches him.
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Much will swipe her paw and dig her nails into my sleeve if she hasn't had enough petting. Never has hurt me but does stop me from walking away.
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Both of mine do this. Not sure why, but they'll reach out, sometimes just to touch me like they are checking to make sure I am there and sometimes to bring my hand to them to give am ear scratch or to lick my hand. Makes me feel all kindsa loved. They don't use their claws though. They really hate the sounds I make when they scratch They know what "no scratch" and "no claws" and "OWIE!" mean
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My mom like to "Pace" when shes on the phone.. and if she "Paces" past Pinky to times and he gets annoyed he'll stick a front paw out... All claws in sight and grab her leg, scratching the crap out of it.

And my mom was telling me the other day that when she was "Pacing" the house she felt something grab her thigh then let go ((thats about what 3ft above the ground))... well it was Jack and he attacked her then ran before she could see who did what!!

Kings not the type to do stuff like that... he likes to keep to himself unless it means napping in your lap.

Although ive never had one of the cats Grab me Personally.
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Since I am not currently "owned" by any cats, I can only comment on my shelter charges and yes, they grab me or tap me with a paw if they want more petting or my attention. Sometimes If my hand is nearby they will just put a paw on it, like a kitty version of holding hands - they like the contact. There is one cat there now who I have known for three months and he will sit half on me and half on the storage bench.... putting his upper body on me and stare into my face.
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Hennessy's version of the grab is to very politely lean over and bite my pants.
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This is something that Hades does that drives me insane! he is always reaching out and grabbing me and scratching me
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nah my cats don't grab me yet..although when i'm playing with my little boy he does...
he goes behind a door..and I kneel down and put my finger through the door..he will grab me then...
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Lucy Belle grabs me when I don't pay enough attention to her. Normally, it's when I am busy with something else and she'll sneak up on me and grab me on the leg. Other times, she'll play her ambush game or hide and seek game. I felt that if I focus all my attention on her, she'll tend to be more aloof, and when I don't, she becomes touchy feely.
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Lily is a pro at Walk by Grabbings.

PJ & Punky each pick a leg & attack me on the way up the stairs trying to stop me.
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When im sitting at the computer table and hes on the table Teddy grabs me by my necklace and brings me down to his level to snuggle my nose hehe hes so cute
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Originally Posted by TeddyBaby View Post
When im sitting at the computer table and hes on the table Teddy grabs me by my necklace and brings me down to his level to snuggle my nose hehe hes so cute
This is something mine would do Just too darned adorable.
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Blossom grabs when you give her a pat or tummy rub. She starts grooming my arm & when I pull away she grabs me back, usually with claws out. Ouch!!!!!!!!!
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When I get home from work, whether I have a hand full of stuff or not, I have to reach down and give my cat Spookie some love. Like I said, an armload of stuff is NOT an excuse!And if for some reason, I slip up and forget, he will grab me with both front paws and try to hold on to my leg while I'm still walking. Sometimes, he can actually hold on for a couple of steps! It is so cute!
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Yes, Chynna does that all of the time. She curls her toes around my finger, or reaches out with her paw and gently grabs me with her nails (she doesn't scratch or stick them in, just touches me with them) to indicate to me that she doesn't want me to leave.

Abby will reach out and tap me with her paw and sit patiently waiting for me to resume petting/scratching, hehe. If I don't, she will tap me again. Eventually she just leaves her paw on my leg or hand and puts her head down on it.
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We used to hold Fox like a baby sometimes and he would always grab arms (no paws) like hugging. It was very sweet but he sort of grew out of it. Lexi would come up to you and very gently put her paw on your face, just like a person tenderly touching another person's face. That was always a special moment.
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One of my cats, Pounce, has to have is arm/paw over my arm or my hand.

He'll be sitting in my lap, and if I have my arms down to the sides, his paw will reach over and drape itself across my wrist. No claws, no pulling.. he just lays it there.

And on the rare occasion I let him sleep with me (I'm minorly allergic, so I can't sleep where they've been laying), I sleep on my stomach, with my arms up. Inevitably, I'll be woken up and one or both of his paws will be resting on my arms.

I just figure its his way of holding my hand
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Spike is a grabber, he constantly trips me when I'm walking as he's trying to grab on to me.
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The only one of my furbabies who "grabs" is Winchester. He'll do it as you're walking by, which in most cases you can "dodge" his grab. But if you happen to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and you don't see him, he'll usually get a good shot in! He also has a habit of grabbing your arm or hand when you're petting him, and won't let go till he gets one of his "love bites" on you. Ouch!

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Oh man. If we don't do exactly what Jeckale wants exactly when he wants it, He makes sure we pay. He'll wait until we walk by, grab our leg, then run. It's actually kinda funny. But sometimes it hurts haha
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