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wow. no wonder they carded me at that parking garage in chicago! they know what kind of group i hang around... LOL!

is this war song reminiscent of the kitteh army? i sure miss the kitteh army.
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oh yea they know oh they do...they are watching you!

i miss the kitteh army too...

but we gotta watch out for the piggy army...

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since this is a meaningless thread i have a funny story...

when i was about 8 years old i showed hogs at the county fair. i was herding my barrow to the arena and another person thought it was going the wrong way, so they turned him around and started him running right at me. i was too short, so when he ran under me, i ended up riding him backwards for about 20 yards before i slid off.
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thats funny! i love pigs. always have. when i went to the a and p show back home, there was this pig that wouldnt leave me alone, it love me scritching him between the eyes but every time i did that he would fall over, and get back up again, i was there for about an hour repeating that cycle. i want a pet pig but no one will let me.
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i grew up on a hog farm. it was funny watching them play. i had a few that were "mine". i forget that pigs like scritches too.

another weird jan story. i got goats for a wedding gift.
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goats? was that like a dowry???

do you still live on a farm?
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i think i will go now. hubby is cooking dinner and im scared he will burn down the place.
im starving.

ill be back

hasta la vista
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my exhusband was a farmer and his brother gave us two pygmy goats as a wedding present.

i don't live on a farm anymore. i miss it sometimes. i miss the animals and the open spaces.
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keep the fire extinguisher handy. and hey would you look at that. it's time to go home! yay!
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My mom likes pigs, too. She goes to the County Fair, just to pet the pigs. I have a WEIRD family.
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i wonder if i post this post, i am #18? hrmm, lets check shall we?

Cindy - pigs are the best part of the fair! i love 'em!
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Oh, I love the pygmy goats! They have personalities like toddler children... I would love to raise a herd of them!
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Well....I live in the country and although I do not live on a farm, I am completely surrounded by farms with cows, pigs, buffalos, horses, deer and goats. It's alot of fun because when we feel like it, we grab the boys, hop in the car and go for a tour. The deer can only be seen from a distance. There is one farm with hundreds of them. Totally adorable. The buffalo...well, I can't say I think they are adorable but...interesting. The rest, well, almost every farm around us have cows. One neighbor had a pig farm and a few years ago, he'd call and let us know when the 'piglets' were born. They are soooo cute.

Ask me about the smell in the country though in spring time (and fall) Trust me, I don't hang my clothes out! :LOL:
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wa ha! i moved up to 57! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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aww g that means you wont have that fresh clean scent on your clothes!

wohoo jan, getting up there!

ill have to check what I am!
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yup, i am at 18, and if i write 157 more i will be at 17...hrmm tigger is still a poster so it may take me quite some time.

i gotta make it to top 15!
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Oh no! Another shameless spam thread.

I am 25 or 26 on the list. I just looked but now I can't remember. I'm tired.

I love goats! I would like to have a few some day. Are they hard to take care of?
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bren -

they are not so hard to take care of -- you just have to be careful of their diet. i was surprised that they are picky eaters. they love grass, but i would try to give them stuff like lettuce or carrots or some strawberries i had accidently left in my car on a warm day, but they didn't want them! i had always heard goats eat EVERYTHING (including tin cans), but pygmies must be different.

like any other animal they need to have stuff to play with to keep active. we built them this great pen with a giant spool with a ramp up to it and they loved to run up the ramp and jump off the spool. they try to climb everything! it's hilarious.

Ghys - i hear you on the country air in the spring! phwew! our hog lot was only about 30 yards from the house. i could never open the windows in the spring.
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Ghys - a burning question - what kind of cat is Whiskers?
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No spring time hanging of clothes going on down my way. I use my dryer!

Kellye, I am ashamed to say I have no idea what Whisker's is. She could be Robin's twin (SystemXpert posted some pictures).

She came to us as a stray and I never bothered looking into that.

hmmmmm....now I am starting to wonder. I'll check it out somewhere.
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i guess she could be a domestic long hair? Robins colouring reminds me of Peedoodle, but hes darker. Peedoodle is gorgeous and he knows it!
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i don't recall if i've ever seen apicture of peedoodle.
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here's peedoodle..
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oh my he IS handsome. does he have as much attitude as it looks like he does in the picture?
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Peedoodle may know he's handsome, but it doesn't look like he likes his picture taken.
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here's peedoodle..

Kiwideus has attached this image

I was just reading this thread when I managed to misread this post.
For some reason I thought it said peedoodle has attacked this image.
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How gorgeous he is! He looks super-soft. Where did you get the name Peedoodle? Willie came equipped with name, very convenient...
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Peedoodle came fully equipped with name, training and attitude.

Yup, he has that attitude when it comes to getting his picture taken - he hates the flash. But hes very loving when he wants to be, he has a sweet nature and we love him to bits.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
here's peedoodle..

Kiwideus has attached this image

I was just reading this thread when I managed to misread this post.
For some reason I thought it said peedoodle has attacked this image.
I wouldnt put it past Peedoodle to attack the picture LOL Naw really, he thinks he owns everything that comes into this place!
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ed thinks he owns the house, too. while we were painting, he would supervise with this look on his face like "good people. it is good for you to make my home nicer."

by the way, nice pig, kellye!
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