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He was definitely one of my favorite actors. His family will be in my prayers.

RIP Heath
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I just heard of this!!! How sad.
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OMG!!! I just now saw this.How sad. R.I.P Health
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So sad He had his whole life ahead of him and much more than many people his age
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I was shocked when I heard this one the news tonite. A Knights Tale is a favorite movie of mine. Such a waste of life...
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This is so sad. It's such a shock. He was such a good actor and he had a little baby! Wow.

RIP Heath!
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I remember seeing him on Roar in 1997. When i saw this news today i just cried. He was a phenomenal actor (and gorgeous, to boot).

If you thought he was hot in A Knight's Tale, go track down the DVD's of Roar... he was 19 when they taped them... I had a huge crush on him then... I still liked him after that, but his type of movies just didn't interest me... but Roar... oh man...

RIP dude... wish you coulda stayed a little longer...

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A sad end to a very good actor. I really enjoyed him in Roar and The Patriot with Mel Gibson.
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I could not believe it when I heard!! He was a great actor. He will certainly be missed. But... I found this to be very creepy... The news broke at about 4, I checked his Wikipedia site right after and it was already updated to include his death!!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
This news makes me sick to my stomach. What a waste!
Me too. I'm still in shock; I can't believe it. He's been one of my favourite actors since I saw him in The Patriot.

Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
OMG this is so sad. I was looking forward to seeing him in batman as the joker.
That's still going to happen as the movie is done filming. Sure will be hard watching knowing that he's no longer here.

I heart goes out to poor Matilda Rose; she's going to grow up without her Daddy. I came across this while reading about his death (about how becoming a father has changed his perspective): "You also look at death differently. It's like a catch 22. I feel good about dying now because I feel like I'm alive in her. But at the same time, you don't want to die because you want to be around for the rest of her life." Heartbreaking.
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I heard a report that he had pneumonia at the time, and if he had a fever like others I've seen with pneumonia, I can definitely see where this could be an accidental death by drugs, either mixing the wrong ones or not realizing how many he was taking...

Very sad. I've seen a couple scenes with him as Joker in The Dark Knight, and he was amazing! He was really just coming into his own as an actor, expanding his roles and his body of work. He had so much talent and potential and I truly feel that we, the audience, are must less for having lost him so young.
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How weird will it be to watch The new Batman movie?

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OMG! I couldn't believe it! I just saw this on the news!
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What a great actor. I feel so bad for him that this is where it ends for him. He will be missed by many!
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I just heard and I am in shock.

He was such a talented actor. I remember first seeing him in ROAR and followed his career though amazing preformances like in "The Patriot" and "Brokeback Mountain"
I wish we could all send our condolences to his family and of course his beautiful little girl. In any pictures you see of him with his family no matter what he was smileing.

A positive force in the entertainment world.... he will be missed
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His Dad put out a statement here earlier today. There were no drugs or alcohol, and his death has been ruled accidental. The police report states that nothing was found in his apartment in the way of drugs or alcohol, and there were no illicit substances. It is believed he died of a heart attack due to complications of his pneumonia, but there will be an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. This will be the only way they can determine whether drugs were involved. I really hope not.

I think it's just so terribly sad, for someone so young to die this way. But if it was a heart attack, one can hope it was quick and that he didn't suffer.
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So very tragic.

What a great talent and so young

His poor family and little girl


I really do hope for his familys' sake that it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol and is simply a terrible tragic death from illness.
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I really hope drugs weren't involved. It's a sad state, that when a young actor/actress dies the first thing we all assume is drugs, and suicide. An "accidental" death is tragic, but better than a selfish act like suicide.
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I heard this on the radio when I was leaving home this afternoon. I couldn't believe it....he was talented, gorgeous, and had so much going for him.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I really hope drugs weren't involved. It's a sad state, that when a young actor/actress dies the first thing we all assume is drugs, and suicide. An "accidental" death is tragic, but better than a selfish act like suicide.
Suicide is a selfish act - but not in the `traditional' sense of the word selfish. It's very hard to explain unless you've been there yourself (and I have). But even though `technically' it's selfish, I would never call it that.
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So far, it seems the examiner says the cause of death is inconclusive.
It may take up to 10 days for closure on this.

IMO it's beginning to look like possible heart failure, likely brought on by stress and an immune system surpressed by pneumonia.
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Such a tragedy. I feel for his poor little girl. He was a fantastic actor; he'll always be my favorite cowboy.
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Rest In Peace Heath Ledger Another young talented person taken too early...
Hope his daughter is going to be okay
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