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Every time I make toast with butter Popsie begs like crazy so last night I gave him a wee bit of the butter. He gobbled it up like crazy. Could this mean he's not getting enough fat in his diet? Is it ok to give him butter once and a while?
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BUTTER is TASTY.... Kandie used to beg and steal a little .. I often put pills in it for Gigi and Zoey
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Actually before they came out with the Petromalt and hairball stuff, people used to just give the cats butter or margarine. Charlie likes a bite of bread with his margarine. As long as its only a little as a treat it won't hurt them and probably works just as well for hairballs
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All my cats have always loved butter and were allowed to have a little.

One cute story I'll share with you regarding our daughter when she was about 3 years old.

We woke one morning and she had gotten up before us and went downstairs. When we went down (very shortly after she did), she was standing on a kitchen chair with the butterdish and taking one fingerful for herself and then she would give a fingerful to the cat.
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