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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Cello please eat!!!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
They say lafter is the best medicine!
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I've been following this thread and I wish you and Cello the best. Keep fighting, he will get better. & for Cello.
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OMG how did I miss this I thought he was home and doing ok...Many vibes/prayers for precious Cello...eat baby
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C'mon eat something!
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I really hope he gets better. I gve Stormy that chance but she got worse and hd to be Pts. What are his numbers?
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Ya just gotta eat Cello...come on.... for easier breathing too!
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Come on, Cello... eat eat eat eat eat!!!
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Oh my goodness

Come on Cello! You can do it. Eat a little for your mummy

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Because Cello labs are normal, talk to your vet asap, about using an appetite stimulant. Read this whole article...
Cyproheptadine is one that is used but I imagine that your vet would know which one would be best for Cello.
It might be worth a try....


Come on Cello...
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Still praying for a good outcome for you and your baby! Hang in there...
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Good Juju for Cello. is your vet opposed to force feeding? if Cello can't smell well he won't want to eat.
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I went to visit him for two hours annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.........I got him to lick 3 tbsp of babyfood off my fingers!! (thanks for whoever recommended that)....and to answer previous questions we couldn't force feed, it was too hard on him and making him vomit and gag.

him licking the food off made him gag and choke and cough but he was trying so so so hard. Then he started trying to meow when I had to leave and it was so hard for him because his throat is so raw poor man.

He was in heaven when I was scratching all his itchy spots.......

But he looked bright, it's him against his body but I really believe he'll be ok now........he still has breathing issues therefore I am keeping him at the vet on IV for atleast another day, probably two, which is really hard but I think it's whats best......

Thanks for all the vibes everyone, they are working. This is a really amazing community.........
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that is wonderful news. Keep going Cello!
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keep it up Cello!
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WTG Cello!!!!

C'mon buddy....lets keep going....you will win! Eat!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
WTG Cello!!!!

C'mon buddy....lets keep going....you will win! Eat!
Yummy food for your tummy Cello.
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That's a great start Cello....keep it up!!
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Good luck to you both!!
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All the best to you and your baby! I hope he'll be just fine real soon.
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That is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear this morning! YAAAAAAAAAAAY Cello, keep it up!
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Checking in....
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That's great news! This has made my morning getting this positive update on Cello! Stay strong... your baby is lucky to have you!
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More healing vibes for Chello
Come on Chello keeping on eating - you can do it!
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Yay Cello!

What a little fighter he is.
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CELLO IS HOME!!!! --> joy

I am so so so so happy. He looks great.

He still has a bad cough and his lungs aren't great but that's going to take time and a course of steroids.......but he ate on his own a bit at the vets overnight, I came in during the day and he would eat when i was around so they decided it was time to try him at home! He needs to be watched carefully and brought back at the first sign of trouble but I think with small frequent meals and a LOT of TLC he is on the road to recovery.

What a journey........I mean in the last 5 months I've had to face almost putting both my kitties down due to weird and tragic illnesses.........talk about cats having 9 lives......

Thanks to everyone for their support......it really helped me alot
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Oh, hooray! Fingers crossed and many more vibes that he will be just fine!!
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That's wonderful that he's home! Sending lots of vibes for a continued recovery!
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I'm so happy he's home. for a continued recovery.
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