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Cello Update and my awful decision

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Hey everyone who has been following my thread.


Here is the latest.

Cello is at the hospital and on IV fluids and antibiotics and steroids. I got his blood work back and it is not good. It all indiciates an overwhleming infection in his whole system, his neutrophils have all but given up and his WBC count is scary low. He also has extremely elevated sugar in his blood and urine??? (he has been tested for diabetes in the past......I also monitor his food/water daily as well as weigh him once a week and all that has been 100% up until sunday morning)

Basically the vet says tomorrow I have a big decision to make, because we may be fighting agaist a brick wall.

I can't believe this is happening and I actually feel ill, i'm going to see him tonight at 5. If I lose him I don't know what I'll do.

Thats about all I can say about that.
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Cello will tell you what's right....if it's time to let go. If he's still fighting, fight along with him.
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Hi - I have been following your thread and just wanted you to know that you and your baby have been in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong... please keep us posted.
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Dont give up yet. In 2001 I was told Coco did not have a chance because she was very sick. They thought she had Diabetis because her Sugar was so high. It was 329 Her Bun was 91. I sure hope yiur Cat can get better. I just had to have 2 Pts and I keep thinking was it the right choice. That is the hardest desion to ever make. You can Pn if you need to talk. What do they think he has?
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lots of vibes for your gorgeous Cello I agree with Natalie, if he is fighting, keep fighting with him
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I am so sorry you and Cello are going through this
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My heart goes out to you and precious Cello.
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Lots of for you and lots of for Cello.
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I am praying for you and Cello and seding many Cellos way!
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Checking in on you and Cello.
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I went to see him. I spent after work until they made me leave just petting him and the vet said it really seemed to calm him down. It made me happy to see him and I'm trying really hard to be optimistic, but I won't know anything until i get the tests back tomorrow. If any values go up i'm not giving up on him. I've already rallied a bunch of friends and family anf they will help me with immediate costs if he requires multiple days in the hospital, but on the other hand if his body isn't fighting I know I have to do what's right by him..............
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Your presence calmed Cello and I have no doubt reminded your baby to choose life if at all possible.
Both of you will remain in my thoughts as you go forward with this challenge.

Come on Cello, you can do it.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Your presence calmed Cello and I have no doubt reminded your baby to choose life if at all possible.
Both of you will remain in my thoughts as you go forward with this challenge.

Come on Cello, you can do it.
c'mon, Cello! & for you & your sweet boy...
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Oh no! I am so sorry Cello is so sick!!

I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

Many ((VIBES)) to the sweetie. I hope he pulls thru.
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If there is an infection, it was probally made worse by the steroids. Steroids are immune suppressants. Also, if there is glucose in his urine, thats a sign of diabetes. A steriod shot can push a borderline diabetic in to full blown diabetes. I dont know how old cello is, but most cats become diabetic at around 7 years old or older and are overweight... as for the rest of whats going on....

I can only send you vibes and prayers that he pulls through ok...

Cello is in my thoughts...
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Come on Cello!! You can do it! Get better!!

& to you at this difficult time!! I hope he can pull through! You're in my prayers tonight!
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Sending lots of good vibes to you and Cello
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Get well, little fella!!
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Trust yourself. I know you will do what is best.
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it's fantastic that you and cello are getting so much support from family and friends. be strong little man.
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this kind of thing is so hard, I can relate just having gone through this with my two babies as well.
It didn't end well for me but I pray that it will for you and Cello.

I'm here if you'd like to talk.

hang in there...
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You and Cello stay in my thoughts and prayers. I feel so bad for you both to be going through this!
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Morning check on you and Cello.
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Just popping in to say that you and Cello have been on my mind, and I am sending lots of good energy your way.
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Many vibes for your sweet Cello. I hope today they have better news for you!
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I'm wondering how Cello is today?
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hey, quick update since I'm at work.

Bloodwork done by the lab and not inhouse came back pretty normal (excellent)
sugar in the urine and blood went down today (excellent)

breathing is still stressed, coughing fits are quite bad so he is still on IV fluids and steroids......there is possible permanent lung damage (very bad)

He still won't eat (even worse)

He can't have surgery to put in an e-tube because his lungs are too weak for surgery. We can try a nasal tube if we have to.

Basically I'm not sure what to do. I have enough money to keep him in ICU on fluids and a possible nasal tube until Satuday, if he doesn't eat on his own by then, then I don't know what to do......

This is better then I thought yesterday, so lets all pray pray pray that cello eats.
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Cello please eat!!!
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That Cello eats!
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For Cello to eat and heal...
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