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I'm in a bit of a dilemma I dont know how to solve.

I've gotten all my strays fixed and the basic vaccinations. I've even gotten 2 others that werent related to mine fixed and vaccinated.

Most of my strays allow me to pet them,brush them, and even play with a shoelace or cat toy if I offer them. They are for the most part pretty social with people than your average colony.

BUT, the problem is I cant find a home for any of them. I tried the easiest part first, asking neighbors or family members if they wanted a cat. I got all No's.

I cant adopt anymore, so that's out.

I asked a local vet office about the friendliest cats if they knew anyone who could adopt, they said no and said to ask the local shelters.
But, A shelter is no good because they are kill shelters and dont accept strays anyway.

The good no-kill rescue I know of require you to basically spend $200 to have each cat examined and bathed and so forth to even consider accepting the cat for adoption, too expensive I barely have enough to get 1 cat examined, so thats not a solution.

On top of that I know of a house by me that feeds cats, there cats basically are the ones I end up getting fixed (except kittens and 1 cat) Mine all originated from this 1 house, but theres nothing I can do to stop this, the thing is alot of there cats are social with people, so I can see why so many of my cats are good natured.

I was hoping somebody close by could foster some cats or adopt a cat or two.

If they are fostered well and get a full vet exam then theres a good chance after they will have potential for a shelter or rescue and get adopted.

Then there are some cats who basically need a little TLC and could easily adjust to living inside a house very well, but again need a full vet exam which I cant afford to get them.

I'm not fond of advertising on these online pet sites, but here alot of people know eachother, so it would be easier to know about a person here.

I have someone who helped me get the cats fixed, but as far as adoption help there is little she can help me with now expenses are also an issue for her.

I got all the cats fixed to make them more adoptable, only to find out it wasnt enough. So i'm stuck with a bunch of cats who could make great pets but havent had a chance.

I know I sound desperate, but thats because I am now! There is just too many for me to handle now, but I dont just want to give up on them you know, it's just there arent many options anymore.

I've seen a bunch of great people on here talking about fostering strays and getting there strays adopted and not just one but sometimes a bunch, or they do rescue themselves, too bad though none of those people live by me.