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7/8 year old housecat, possible cancer  

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Alright, I've had Butterfingers for about 7 years. When we adopted him, the people at the place said he was probably abused before they came across him, and he was about a year old. Some background on the little guy. He's a black and white shorthair. Never leaves the house. Very animated and over-excited. He got over his fear of people and has been doing very well. Until last Tuesday. Well, my family has a cleaning person who would constantly bring this one worker who did not like cats. Basically she scared Butter. Next thing we know, they leave and Butter becomes ill. We don't think much of it, he is throwing up, but usually he eats fast, so it wasn't a huge thing for us. It continued for 2 more days, and we called the vet. By now, Butter was lethargic and almost dehydrated. The vet comes here, and picks him up, brings him to his office, gets him on a fluid IV and does some tests. The results were shocking. His white blood cell count was elevated, and his liver enzymes were far above the norm. The vet was able to get these under control, dropping the enzyme levels to the normal (he was running a 2.8 instead of a 0.4 before this). His white blood cell count is still a bit high, but nothing dangerous. The vet discharged him yesterday telling us to get some food into him, gave us some meds, and an appetite-booster. Well, Butter is back to throwing up. It's like a yellow liquid with bubbles in it. We are starting to get worried since the doctor said that if he was getting sick again, to bring him back for an ultrasound of the area to look for anything. Butter is not the little happy kitty he normally is, he's back to his tired state, and won't even respond to normal sounds, like his name, finger snapping, or the clicking sound you make with your mouth, when those things usually get his attention immediately. Also, he is hiding, or moving out of the way, as if he knows what is happening.

Anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

Originally I was guessing a possible poisoning since I knew the cleaning lady's helper hated animals. But we fired the cleaning lady as a safety measure.
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IF I were in your shoes, I'd either be giving the vet a call or taking Butter back in. Did the vet know there was a possibiliy of poisoning? Has his litter box habits changed? Does he even try to eat anything?
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Well when he was at the vets he refused to eat anything. Right when he came home he ran to the food. Normally he doesn't like to be seen when he eats. We called the vet today and he said for us to give him an antacid and wait another 2 days, to see if anything changes. We explained to the vet that we had a cleaning lady who was not to fond of Butter, but he said that he ruled out poisoning. About the litter-box habits, he really didn't eat much, so I can't say that I saw him go to the box.
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Butterfingers has crossed to the Bridge.
RIP Butterfingers
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