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Nat, I know this has been a long time.... But how is Bea doing now?
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I was thinking about her too when I mentioned Nat and Bea and her story re the declawing thread. How is she doing Nat?
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I just read this whole thread and my heart breaks for poor Bea..How is she doing? I hope shes ok!
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I don't know, I haven't heard from her adopters in several months. I only hear from them when bad things come up, or there are bumps in the road, so no news is good news.
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Lets hope and pray so Nat. Can you email them and just say that some friends of yours were wondering how Bea was doing?
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Yeah, it would be nice to have some news. for Miss Bea.
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I cannot believe those people dumped her back. That breaks my heart.

How long was she with you Nat before she was adopted again?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
How long was she with you Nat before she was adopted again?
9 months of . Oh we were all miserable while she lived here. I mean, I loved her, but man.....she wasn't happy here at all, and no one else was happy if she wasn't happy.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I love my cat far more than I love my furniture. f.
Well said
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You have just conducted the most amazing Master Class on how to rehabilitate an abused and tortured animal. It was an honor to witness your patient and painstaking efforts to redeem a cat that had experienced nothing but cruelty and misery from people.
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Awe Bea.... to a fast recovery and kudos to her getting a home following her surgery! She is a beauty!
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terrific thread, thanks to whoever bumped it back up, as I had not seen it before. I had to stop reading continuously to wipe my tears.

When I saw the post about the 8 other declaws and the kitty screaming in pain I thought I was going to vomit from the sick feeling it gave me.

So she was nine months with whitecatlover,, and then finally adopted. Is there a thread about her adoption?

Bless you bless you..Natalie, for caring so much.
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She was "almost" adopted a few times - but the renal failure threw me for a loop (I had an adopter who backed out eventually after the renal failure came up).

She went home with a very nice couple who picked her over the other white kitty they so badly wanted, because nobody else would want her.
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